January 29, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Wintermute launches ‘NODE’ platform to improve crypto-asset OTC trading


Wintermute, an algorithmic market maker of operating crypto-assets since 2017, today announced Wintermute NODE, its flagship platform that allows institutional investors, blockchain natives and high net worth individuals greater access to OTC crypto trading.

The new Wintermute NODE platform stands on three main fundamentals: diversity and flexibility, efficiency and reliability.

Diversity and flexibility

Wintermute NODE allows you to trade any token, any product, any way (web interface, API, chat) at any time. Counterparties have access to the same tokens. Wintermute algorithms trade across a wide range of CeFi and DeFi venues. Plus traders will have access to Perpetual, Future, CFD and NDF.

The list of assets includes:

  • Top 25 tokens by market cap
  • Key tokens of DeFi ecosystem including Ethereum and L2s, Solana, Terra and more
  • All major Fiat coins
  • Stablecoins that make it possible to trade virtually any pair

Note that the Wintermute team is constantly increasing the number of tokens

Wintermute node web interface:

A new user-friendly click-to-trade platform gives access to top-level proprietary pricing that reaches a much wider audience than ever before. Traders no longer have to spend scarce IT resources to connect to an API, now trading directly with Wintermute is effective.

Wintermute NODE API

Access is a key feature of NODE that enables more bespoke integration or institutional requirements – multiple crypto-native and traditional finance order / execution management systems have routed their clients and enabled thousands to trade daily with a flexible merry settlement routine. Achieve better performance of customers better and truly.

Taken together, the goal of token coverage, execution type, and variety of useful derivatives is to distinguish NODE from other single dealer platforms.



Wintermute NODE uses the same price as the algorithms used in its proprietary trading business. Algos operates 24/7 on 60+ centralized and decentralized exchanges, with liquidity over $ 5M per day.

Zero service fee

By connecting directly to the Wintermute NODE, traders can access the source of liquidity by bypassing any intermediaries and their explicit or implicit fees.

“Wintermute NODE is not just another single dealer platform! This is OTC Trading and our new product roadmap and new features are highly ambitious. By boarding at Wintermute NODE, you’ll be the first to learn about all the new additions! ”
– Wintermute team



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