November 26, 2022
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WHO Raises Concerns Over Health Care In Ukraine


Separately, the World Health Organization warns that an obesity “epidemic” is hitting Europe, with about 60% of adults either overweight or obese. India’s 2020 death toll, Beijing shuts down 10% subway for cove control, and zero cove deaths in Vietnam.

Reuters: The WHO will hold an emergency meeting on the health implications of the Ukraine invasion

A spokesman for the World Health Organization confirmed on Tuesday that its European region would hold a special meeting next week on the impact of Russia’s attack on Ukraine on health and healthcare. “There will be a meeting on May 10 on the impact of the war on Ukraine’s healthcare system,” Tariq Jasarevich told a Geneva press briefing. Reuters reported last week that Kyiv had requested the meeting, citing a letter signed by Ukraine’s diplomatic mission in Geneva to 38 other countries. Russia, one of the 53 members of the WHO’s Europe region, has not yet responded to Reuters’ request for comment on the event. (5/3)

Reuters: Leading negotiators reach ‘results’ of covid vaccine IP waiver, WTO says

The four major parties to the intellectual property waiver for the Covid-19 vaccine have prepared a “result document” for approval by the larger membership, the WTO said on Tuesday, with its chief expecting a final agreement by June. WTO Director-General Engoji Okonzo-Aiwala, who has made vaccine equity his top priority since taking office in 2021, has been working for several months to break an 18-day compromise broker between the United States, the European Union, India and South Africa. Month-long stagnation. (Farz, 5/3)

AP: UN: Europe’s obesity levels ‘in proportion to epidemic’

The World Health Organization says the rate of obese and overweight people in Europe has hit “epidemic proportions”, with about 60% adults and one-third children in this category. In a report released on Tuesday, the European Office of the United Nations Health Organization said that obesity is more prevalent among adults across the continent than anywhere else in the world except the United States. “Worryingly, the prevalence of overweight and obesity in the WHO European region has steadily increased and no member state has reached the goal of stopping obesity growth by 2025,” the report said. Among its European countries, the World Health Organization says Turkey, Malta, Israel and Britain have the highest rates of obesity. (5/3)

Reuters: India releases 2020 death data ahead of WHO Kovid mortality study

India registered a total of about 475,000 deaths in 2020 compared to last year, according to official data released ahead of schedule on Tuesday. Some experts estimate that the actual Kovid death toll in India is as high as 4 million, which is almost eight times the official figure, especially the record wave driven by the Delta variant, which killed many people in April and May last year. The figures will be released at the WHO on Thursday. (Slave, 5/4)

AP: Beijing shuts down 10% of subway stations to prevent Kovid’s spread

Beijing on Wednesday shut down about 10% of its huge subway system as an additional measure against the spread of the coronavirus. Subway authorities said in a brief statement that the closure of most 40 downtown stations was part of an epidemic. No resume service date was given. Beijing has taken high precautions for the spread of COVID-19, with restaurants and bars restricted to takeouts, gym closures and classes suspended indefinitely. The city’s main tourist sites, including the Forbidden City and Beijing Zoo, have closed their indoor exhibition halls and are only operating at partial capacity. (5/3)

Bloomberg: China Covid: Beijing tightens virus rules to avoid Shanghai fate

The Chinese capital is deploying a growing hardcore playbook to contain its new Covid-19 outbreak, with most residents wanting to avoid the chaos seen in Shanghai, ranging from repeated tests to barring access to public places without negative results. Beijing has closed dining-ins in restaurants for the May holiday period, which lasts until Wednesday, entering places like parks and monuments that rely on negative cove tests, and closing gyms. Officials on Tuesday urged residents not to leave the city unnecessarily, only those with a green health code and those who received a negative covid test within 48 hours could leave. (5/3)

Bloomberg: Vietnam has reported the first day without Kovid’s death since August 21

Vietnam has reported the first day without any official deaths in Kovid-19 since Tuesday, August 21, as recorded daily infections have dropped significantly in recent weeks, the health ministry’s publication Suc Khoe Doi Song reported on Wednesday. According to the Ministry of Health, Vietnam’s seven-day local infection average dropped to 5,121 on Tuesday, down from a seven-day average of 75,319 reported on April 3. The country’s seven-day death rate dropped from 42 a day a month earlier to two a day. (Engok Chow, 5/4)

Bloomberg: EU ready to spend $ 2.6 billion on hub for healthcare data

EU patients will be allowed to move across their health-care data blocks, as part of a broader proposal unveiled by the European Commission. According to an announcement by the European Commission on Tuesday, the European Union’s European health data space aims to enable citizens to access their e-prescriptions and health records online. The system, to be launched by 2025, will connect all 27 EU member states, meaning people can travel around the EU and still access their health information. (Deutsche and Pronina, 5/3)

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