November 26, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

What Snap’s Liftoff Means for the Social Media Company


Michael Calor: I think so.

Lauren Good: Diang. Yes. All right. Well, what are your recommendations this week?

Michael Calor: My recommendation is Fault Radio, a non-profit organization here in the Bay Area that broadcasts DJ sets and live music sets of underground electronic music artists.

Lauren Good: Is it called fault?

Michael Calor: Yes, yes, yes. Yes.

Lauren Good: It really is.

Michael Calor: We live here in a seismic activity zone in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lauren Good: Yes we do.

Michael Calor: They chose this for naming their radio station. I especially recommend the YouTube channel, which streams live. Each DJ set, or live set, is usually about one hour, one hour and 15 minutes. It’s a really interesting thing. They’re doing techno, drums and bass, acid house, weird avant-garde music.

It is a mix of different types of electronic music, artists from all over the world. Not just the people of the Bay Area, of course the people of the Bay Area have been extensively roasted. If you watch YouTube streams, you can see the video, which is of a person just nodding and dancing a little. Or you can listen to it with a tab open, which I do.

Yes. I highly recommend it. They are also in SoundCloud and you can find their streams there They post more on the YouTube channel, so I recommend the YouTube channel, but it’s a huge library of really nice electronic music. Yes. If you are in the dance-y staff, be sure to check it out. I like working on it.

Lauren Good: Excellent. Excellent

Michael Calor: I like to wear it while working.

Lauren Good: Feeling very good. I must hear it. I don’t often hear dance songs while working. I like more cool things. But it seems that this channel has a wide genre.

Michael Calor: It works great for deadlines, let me tell you.

Lauren Good: Oh, what does that indicate?

Michael Calor: No.

Lauren Good: All right. All right. Well, let’s wrap it up. I will get back to writing.

Michael Calor: Yes, yes, yes. That’s our show for this week. Thank you for listening. Lauren, thank you for being a guest week. It was a pleasure to host you.

Lauren Good: Oh, Mike, thanks for being such a great host. This was really fun. We asked a lot of people to join us this week and everyone was busy so we wanted, “You know what? We’re going rogue.”

Michael Calor: Yes.

Lauren Good: It was a lot of fun.

Michael Calor: Yes, we will do it more often.

Lauren Good: We should.

Michael Calor: If you have feedback about the show, you can find us all on Twitter. Just check the show notes. The show is produced by Boon Ashworth. We’ll be back next week, talking to a very special guest about all the latest Twitter news. Then join us.

[Gadget Lab outro theme music plays]

Michael Calor: But if-

Lauren Good: I’m sorry, the cat is clawing at me again. Continue.

Michael Calor: Drums & Bass, Acid House, Strange-

[Michael’s cat yowls over the top of him.]

Lauren Good [laughing]: Strange Cat Mashup.

[Lauren and Michael laugh, then the cat lets out another soft meow.]

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