October 5, 2022
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Tangible Wellness Sanctuary is designated as a mental health friendly workplace

From left to right Steve Pappajan, Melissa Lesniac, Cara Cabral, Jenny Stevens, Liz Rizli and Suzanne Witte.

Dover – The Embedded Direction Wellness Sanctuary, located at 66 Third St., Dover, was recently designated a safe, non-judgmental “place” by the Dover Mental Health Alliance.

Tangible Directions Wellness Sanctuary is an inclusive, trauma-aware and therapeutic community space for mental, emotional and physical health. Tangible Directions Wellness Sanctuary is committed to providing community-based, trauma-informed, and holistic therapeutic support. https://embodieddirections.com/wellness-sanctuary/.

Jennifer Stevens, owner of Embedded Direction Wellness Sanctuary, is an integrated and holistic therapist specializing in somatic (body-based) psychotherapy. Jenny’s practice involves working collaboratively with people who experience the effects of anxiety, trauma and stress in their lives. Jenny welcomes them to work with people who are interested in developing mind-body connections, therapeutic movements and / or mindfulness.

Jenny says: “Embodied Directions is a mental health-friendly place and thrilled to be a partner of the Dover Mental Health Alliance and to be widely regarded as our community. We are committed to being part of the growth of our local community that supports resilience, resilience and mental health-conscious care. People from all walks of life are welcomed and embraced at our convenience, and we are proud to offer our community an offer that could complement their mental health care. “


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