January 29, 2023
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Welcome to the Local Food & Farm Guide 2022


Lindsay Burke

Recently, during a firm-to-school meeting, the term “sense of place” was mentioned several times. I did not hear this word at first, but a question resonated in my mind. What does it mean to have a Sensation of space?

As a participant in Shelburn Farm’s Land Acknowledgment Series, I spent the previous six weeks exploring the feeling of my place without recognizing it. I spent time in close contact with this land known as the Champlain Valley, which lies within Lake Champlain (known as Abenaki). Bitawbagw, Or between lakes (and green mountains).AskSquivazak)

In addition to the fascinating geological history of our region (In 1849 a white beluga whale skeleton was found in Charlotte! Adirandaka was higher than the Himalayas!), I spent time trying to understand who was the caretaker here, and who is going to be. Abenaki, especially the Winoski Band in the North Champlain Valley and Mohican in the South Champlain Valley.

I write these words where I call home, Brandon, once said Neshobe, Or “full of water.” Abenaki did not leave this milky and sweet country, and many of the names still used today reflect their sense of place, with the word Winoski (Winoskitegw) Refers to the flowing river where there was plenty of wild onion (ramp) every spring. Abenaki’s sense of place was vital to their survival and continues to be. Isn’t it the same for the rest of us?

As we move on to what some call the “new normal”, I emerge with a new perspective on the feeling of my place. I was recently interviewed by VPR’s Brave Little State to have a light chat about whether Vermont is a good place for a cruise. Spoiler alert: Most people say yes. I tend to agree, I looked through ACORN’s Pharmacy: Food is medicine Program and this very publication GuideThrough Farm to school Network and Farm Tower, How caring our community is. This land, caring about each other and the feeling of their place.

With the exception of the hypothetical apocalypse, the emerging function of ACORN a Food Center The location of Addison County excites me. We are creating a physical manifestation of how this place feels for our local food system: its producers and producers, its eater and the land where food is grown.

The cover art reflects this feeling of space. Camel’s hump (TawapadiwajoOr seating on a hill), bearing witness to the dedication of a young farmer to his work, leaning towards the soil to feed himself, his family and his community.

Please use this guide as a resource to develop your own sense of place. Connect with the 257 Champlain Valley food producers and farmers who are dedicated to feeding our community and managing this land.

As you will read in the following pages, you can shop at farm stands and local grocery stores and support local food producers by frequently visiting locally sourced restaurants. And, of course, we can’t talk about food and agriculture without mentioning their effects on the climate. You will learn about clean water initiatives and regenerative growing practices throughout the region. You will read about the rise of ACORN Online wholesale market As well as our gratitude to a couple of farmers we lost this past year.

Stay connected to ACORN by signing up and downloading our monthly e-newsletter at www.acornvt.org Eat the local VT app On your phone.

Whether you live here or you go here, please take a moment and thank the land where you are reading this guide.


Lindsay Burke, Executive Director, ACORN

Read the full Local Food and Farm Guide 2022 here.


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