October 2, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

This Small, Woman-Owned Business Shares The Magic Of Mexican Coffee


She chose Bella Vista partly because of delicious flavors that the climate, mineral-rich soil and altitude brought out in the beans. Café Metzli’s signature Bella Vista Women’s Group blend comes in three different roasts and highlight a variety of flavors, including baked apple, vanilla, dark chocolate and black cherry.

But she was also drawn to the collective of 168 women coffee producers who lived there.

“My country can have a very ‘machismo’ mentality, and just seeing these women working on their own, building their own companies, collaborating as a group and keeping their families together is amazing,” Sanchez said. “I feel so proud that I can help women achieve their goals, just how I’m achieving my own goals.”

“[Many of these groups] have amazing coffee programs that teach the youth how to plant the coffee they produce, how to do latte art and coffee cupping so that they can find love in their culture and their land and what they have there,” she said. “They don’t have to immigrate somewhere else and leave their families behind.”

Sanchez described a laborious harvesting season that lasts three to four months in which the producers hand-pick the coffee cherries, then dry, roast and sell them. In these few months, the communities must make their entire income for the year.

“I picked the coffee cherries for a couple of hours and honestly, my fingers got super red and the next day I had blisters, so I cannot imagine doing that for eight to 12 hours a day,” she said.


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