October 5, 2022
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The Newest iPad Mini Is at Its Lowest Price Ever


That’s too much Love about the 2021 iPad mini (8/10, wired recommendation). We think it’s the best iPad for portability and the best portable tablet in general. But it is very expensive. As Wired reviewer Brenda Stollier puts it in her in-depth review: “It’s hard to justify such a high price on a screen when there’s already a lot around me.”

At least until Mother’s Day, it’s a little less expensive. The iPad mini is selling for 400 400 on Amazon, Best Buy and Target. It’s the cheapest tablet we’ve ever seen sold at ছ 100 off its official price and $ 60 less than the previous best price (seen on Amazon). Although prices vary, the discount applies to every color, connection and storage configuration. If you have seen this good-but-expensive tablet then this sale is worth checking out. Keep in mind that availability fluctuates and discounts may not last very long.

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What’s wired and tired about the iPad mini?

IPad mini

Photo: Apple

Wired: Last year’s refresh gave the iPad Mini its first facelift in many years, transforming it into a modern looking gadget with slicker, smaller bezel and more compact frames. It is more portable and has Touch ID fingerprint sensing back on its power button. There’s also a bit more screen real estate than before (8.3 inches vs. 7.9), and an upgraded USB-C charging port means you’ll be able to charge it faster and connect to the device more easily.

The interior also received an overhaul. The A15 bionic processor is similar to the one you get on the new iPhone and is even better than the current mid-sized iPad A13. Great for iPad mini multitasking (with or without MacOS Catalina).

You can’t use the iPad mini the most without the many amazing accessories, which is both a blessing and a curse.

Tired: To take full advantage of this portable powerhouse, you’ll need a keyboard and some sort of stylus অ্যাপ whether they’re Apple-branded or not. That adds an already-steep price. (See our guide to the best iPad accessories for advice.)


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