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The Biggest Gaming News For May 4, 2022


This year’s Star Wars Day was a bit short without the announcement of Star Wars video games. Fortunately, we got a new trailer for the OB-One Kenobi show, but the fun ends here.

Today’s news roundup is very industry-heavy, including a lawsuit in New York City against Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotik, a new report on alleged misconduct with contractors at Nintendo in the US, and Bungie’s pledge to support reproductive choices. Read on for more details.

Activation BlizzardActivation Blizzard is suing New York City over the Microsoft deal

There is another case of throwing over the pile of activation blizzards, this time targeting the company’s CEO Bobby Kotik. Kotik was sued by the New York City Employees Retirement System last year for rushing to sell Activision Blizzard to Microsoft to avoid legal liability over several sexual misconduct allegations against the publisher. In addition to Microsoft, New York is seeking a number of sales documents, including a list of five potential suitors in the race for activation.

Thigama video of the day

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The report alleges that Nintendo of America contractors feel like “second-class citizens.”

Nintendo of America has found itself in hot water over the past few weeks after detailed reports of abuse of workers, especially contractors. A new report released today claims that Nintendo contractors are often made to work with “outdated equipment” and are afraid to go to the bathroom or become inactive on the Microsoft team for fear of being noticed by management. One employee even claimed that he had “attendance problems” after leaving work one day “because of his sister’s death.”

Bangi says it was “not difficult” to support reproductive choices

After the leaked documents revealed plans to overturn Rowe v. Wade – allowing individual states to decide on abortion rights – Destiny 2 developer Bungie went to Twitter to announce support for the breeding preference, explaining that the choice was “not difficult.” It further explained that the developer’s “company values ​​exist beyond our game,” because Bungi is currently the only major developer / publisher who has spoken out against the Supreme Court’s move. Hope to see you soon.

OB-One has dropped its lightsaber for a blaster in the new trailer

Now away from the serious thing, and that’s exactly what we include in today’s roundup of a Star Wars story. To celebrate these important occasions, Disney has treated Star Wars fans with a new trailer for OB-One Canoby, which is set to debut at Disney Plus later this month. One of the more notable features of the trailer is the lack of lightsaber, Kenobi seems to have thrown his bright blue stick in favor of a blaster. A few short clips from Darth Vader were put together to keep you well and really promote you until the show airs on May 27th.

Embraer to take over Marvel’s Avenger and Galaxy Guardians after Square Enix deal

Finally, we have a small update on some of the games that are no longer owned by Square Enix after being sold to Crystal Dynamics and Idos Embrace Group. The company aims to be the publisher of both Marvel’s Avengers and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, although Disney has not yet given the green light. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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