October 3, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

The Best Xbox Game Pass Games, From ‘Tunic’ to ‘Dead Space’


As an enthusiast Gamer, I hold my Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription even when other services have been chopped off. With over 100 titles and regular additions, I’m constantly discovering new games of my choice, and the $ 15 monthly fee seems worth it. Within a year, it broke down the cost of buying three AAA games.

An Xbox Game Pass comes with Ultimate Subscription EA Play and Xbox Live Gold Access. If you’re not interested in online multiplayer games, Microsoft offers a more budget-friendly level that costs $ 10 per month. For gamers not on the Xbox, PC Game Pass (10 / month) has a lot of the same title. (Own a PlayStation or Switch? See our guide to the most popular game subscription services.)

To help you choose which one to download first, WIRED has rounded up the sifted and outstanding titles through the Game Pass catalog that we think you’ll enjoy. From recent releases to satisfactory throwbacks, our genre-spanning picks for the best game pass games have little in common for all players.

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