January 29, 2023
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Sure Petcare Felaqua Connect Review: A Smart Water Bowl for Your Cat


We all need To drink more water. For humans, we have apps to keep track of and even smart water bottles. For our pets, it’s not easy. We can encourage them to drink more by keeping their water fresh and away from food and litter, but it is difficult to make sure they are drinking enough if we are not watching their every move. And forget about trying to ask a veterinarian how often they drink.

I’ve been testing Sure Petcare’s app-backed Felaqua Connect water bowl for about a month now, and it has informed me better without bothering my two cats any more than I normally would. It tracks which pets drank from it and how many ounces were eaten. Small dogs can also use felkua, but it is made for cats because they do not feel as thirsty as dogs, which can lead to really fast problems. We feel dehydrated, but your cat may not be friends.


Photo: Sure stomach care

The Sure Petcare app (iOS, Google Play) To accurately track which cat is drinking in a multi-pet family, you need to microchip your pet or you need to attach an RFID tag to their collar. Microchiping is ideal among veterinarians, and it can help you get back to your lost pet. Without a chip or tag, Felaqua will still provide notifications about how much your cats are drinking, you just don’t know which cat is jumping.

The downside is that you need to set up a hub to use the app — it plugs into your router and allows you to access notifications and controls from anywhere in the world. I prefer smart home gadgets that do not require a hub, but are lighter with smaller and prettier cat ears. (You can fade them or turn them off in the app.) If you get other products from Sure Petcare, such as its feeder or door flap, you don’t need to add any more hubs.

Once I set up the hub and attached the water bowl, adding each cat was easy. The app takes you close enough to their bowl so it can scan their chips. Just assign their names to their respective microchip numbers.

Courtesy of Sure Pet Care

The rest of the app is simple and informative. The homepage displays quick information about each pet, such as when they last drank. Clicking on your pet’s profile reveals more personal information, such as how many ounces of water they drank that day and their daily average (how many drinks and average time spent in the bowl each day). It also gives you a graph of how much water is left in the reservoir. You can scroll back a few days, or open a calendar graph. If you also have a guaranteed petcare feeder, you can toggle between the two figures in the pet profile.


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