October 5, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Staffing struggles slowing down fast-food restaurants in High Point


High Point, NC (WGHP) – Staff shortages are slowing down fast food. Nearly all fast-food restaurants on South Main Street in High Point have job advertisement signs.

Tyson Lilly, manager of South Main Street McDonald’s, said staff problems began with the epidemic. They could not return completely.

“We desperately need people to do our job. If you can come for an interview, you can come, if you can come and apply, apply. We just have to be more discriminating with the help we render toward other people. “

Lily says the restaurant is returning to normal after losing 10 employees in the past two weeks.

“It hit us hard,” he said.

McDonald’s is not the only place on the stuffing roller coaster. Signs have also been posted outside nearby Wendy’s, Subway and KFC

Customers are waiting a bit longer due to staff shortages and drive-through lines are running a bit slower.

Until these restaurants return to what they were before the epidemic, they hope customers will be able to tolerate them.

“Just be patient with us, and we’ll go back to where we were fully staffed and make sure all customers are happy,” Lily said.

McDonald’s on South Main Street is hosting a recruitment event on May 10th.

They hope it will attract much needed help.


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