January 29, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

SolidProof to make its automated blockchain audit tool freely available » CryptoNinjas


Following the introduction of SolidProof Automated Auto Tool (SAAT), the German blockchain audit firm SolidProof will now make the product available in large quantities.

The development team plans to release this significant update by the end of April, and users will soon be able to get their hands on this tool.

New features available to everyone

SAAT uses pre-installed parameters to identify errors, omissions and inefficiencies in the smart contract of any DeFi project. SolidProof’s team provides accurate, timely and transparent audit reports.

As a result, SolidProof can test quite complex smart contracts for its automated audits. Anyone familiar with smart contracts will quickly realize how challenging it can be to manually audit each of them, which is why this feature attracts market interest.

After automatic review, the SolidProof Auditors submit an audit report to the Project Development Team. The severity of the vulnerability in this distributive is assessed using three levels: critical, moderate and low.

The auditors then provide suggestions for resolving the remaining problems or inefficiencies of the system. They work with project supporters to resolve any errors discovered. Finally, the team produces a final audit report and a certificate that proves that the project is safe for widespread use.

As mentioned, the plan promises to provide an essential service for the new tool SolidProof, later this month, to identify vulnerabilities for blockchain projects. The system will play an important role in enhancing the security of DeFi projects and building trust with their customers.

Other developments at SolidProof

To understand the success of SolidProof, it may be helpful to look at the “Live Tracker” feature, a project introduced by the audit company in November 2021. This counter shows more than 500 projects in SolidProof’s ecosystem, indicating that the group has the knowledge to transcend. 1,000 crypto projects.

The teams that decided to trust SolidProof include Cult DAO, Unicrypt, Cricivia and Archer.

Finally, SolidProof has announced that it will expand its business in the Asian market. The team wants to introduce a number of tools to overcome language barriers and increase the level of authentication of Asian professionals and document providers of KYC services.


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