February 8, 2023
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Ryanair : Budget airline forgets 14 passengers on holiday in Spain | Travel News | Travel


According to the report, only 14 passengers checked in for the flight and were at the gate. They said they were organized in groups for the shuttle bus on the plane.

Due to lack of space on the shuttle, 14 passengers were waiting at the airport for the bus.

One said: “We saw the last bus leave, and that’s where we were waiting.”

However, after some time where they reported that they did not receive any information, they may know that the plane flew without them.

One says: “I don’t understand how this can happen. We have all passed the security check.

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“The arrangement must indicate that we were still on the ground.”

One passenger said they presented their QR code for security so should have been in Ryanair’s system.

According to Spanish News Today, Ryanair offered passengers another flight at 10pm on Saturday and a four euro (£ 3.35) voucher to spend at airport shops.

One woman was traveling for a scheduled chemotherapy appointment and was very worried about missing it.

Don’t miss out

British Airways and EasyJet also struggled with staff sickness and shortages that led to flight cancellations.

In recent weeks, British Airways has canceled more than 100 flights a day, although the airline said passengers had received prior warnings.

EasyJet has canceled about 70 flights a day as it struggles with staff closures due to Covid and other shortages.

Milan is one of the most affected BA destinations although flights to popular spots across Europe have been canceled.

Rainier has been contacted for comment on forgotten passengers.


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