October 3, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

RP in Prime Gaming League capsules reportedly decreasing, replaced by Mythic Essence


Riot Games announced late last year that a new venture with Amazon would create redeemable content within the game for all of its titles through Prime Gaming. Among them was loot Team of legends, Brave, Runeterra legendAnd Wild cracksAll of which revolve on a monthly basis.

Since then, League Players with a linked Amazon Prime account can redeem one prime capsule per month, which includes 650 RP, a set of Eternals, Champion Shards, Orange Essence, an XP Boost and a permanent skin. But updated resources LeagueIts PBE cycle shows that the given RP may be half, now offering five mythical essays instead.

Read the updated text for the Prime capsule that players will receive “350 RP” Twitter account SkinSpotlightsCapsules which are less than 300 RP are provided from last few months. It will also include the new coin Mythic Essence, which was recently revised to give players more access to Prestige and Myth-tire skins for buying and opening masterwork chests.

Players aren’t able to do much with the five mythical essences, although the lack of money outside of buying chests makes it worthwhile. The current Myth Shop lineup features skins like Ashen Night Pike and the newly released Prestige Lunar Eclipse, complete with a special border.

This change has not been confirmed by either Prime Gaming or Riot and if true it is not expected to be effective until the June capsule. The May’s Prime capsule was released last week and the capsules have the same content holding up to this point.


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