February 2, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Router Protocol adds Optimism and Arbitrum to its cross-chain messaging platform » CryptoNinjas


Router protocol, an infrastructure layer that enables communication between blockchains, announced today that it has added optimism and arbitra to its platform.

The community can now exchange funds and resources across the network with cross-chain bridges (Phantom, Polygon, Avalanche C-Chain, and Arbutram) in addition to Etherium, Optimism, and Binance Smart Chains.

This new integration gives users access to enhanced interoperability features such as:

  • Swap any token across the chain- Most existing solutions only support migration. The router protocol supports any crypto token exchange on the network.
  • Support for arbitrary tokens – Most cross-chain platforms are approved where only listed assets can be traded. The router protocol aggregates liquidity across all major DEX of any given chain and allows arbitrary token exchange.
  • Mesh Network – Instead of creating a 1: 1 bridge that requires a dedicated link across the chain, the router is creating a multi-to-many-mesh network that allows seamless data flow across different chains. Any chain can be added with a few lines of configuration.
  • Assurance of settlement- The router protocol does not guarantee any blocking for user funds and guarantees the settlement of all transactions by providing users an equivalent amount of USDC or RUSDC (which can be redeemed 1: 1 for USDC).

“As the two most popular L2 solutions in Ethereum, this integration marks significant progress towards our goal of connecting all L1 and L2 chains. We are proud to provide a seamless and secure cross-chain experience in these communities. “
– Ramani Ramachandran, co-founder and CEO of Router Protocol

Security is an important focus for router protocols, and a number of measures have been taken to secure its network. In addition to a bug bounty program with security platform Immunefi, the project has completed security audits from Certik and Halborn and is currently undergoing a third audit from Hacken.

In addition, the router team has a number of security features built into the network, including:

  • A Modular Smart Contract Architecture – Liquidity, Fees, Voting etc. refers to the various contracts for functions which are usually followed to differentiate functions against monolithic structures.
  • On-chain validity – Validity is achieved on-chain, which is more secure than protocol using off-chain consensus.
  • An Isolated Execution Module – The transaction is performed on a stateless execution palette that can avoid direct interaction with the bridge reserve. Isolating reserves from the environment prevents malicious entities from accessing reserve funds.
  • A Dedicated Proxy Architecture – Router protocol holds the option to update the contract in case of any weakness / bug in the contract.

In other developments, the Router Protocol team recently announced an administrative proposal that invites the community to decide which two EVM chains should be merged next. The Governance Event is an important step towards transforming the router protocol into a community-run project.



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