January 29, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Queen Elizabeth health news – Her Majesty plans to make RARE appearance next week following bombshell garden party blow


Megan was humiliated and left

An author has made the shocking claim that Megan Merkel has been insulted by Netflix after her “bubble” “burst”.

It was announced over the weekend that Meghan’s upcoming animated series Pearl has been silently dropped by Netflix.

Prince Harry’s wife has worked as an executive producer on the show, and has worked with several adults, including David Furnish, Elton John’s husband.

But Matthew Lynn, writing for The Telegraph, said the Duchess’s “Horrible Pearl was a perfect example of how Netflix” was captured by a brand’s publicity, politically correct, vigilant programming that risked taking viewers away. “

He suggests that Pearls’ drop from Netflix shows how streaming companies have begun to “create sacred oak programming that does not appeal to viewers.”

Lynn continued: “The possibility of an animated Mrs. Thatcher discussing the importance of controlling inflation, or indeed a CGI Queen Elizabeth I, was the only modern world here in Tundor? Wild guessing, but probably not too much), it has been the worst embodiment of Oak-Flix.

“But it goes much deeper than that. Soon the entertainment industry will have to return to what it always was: an entertainment industry.

“Its values ​​should not be to the right or left of the center, and with a few clear boundaries, such as resistance to racism or sexism, it should not promote any political agenda.”


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