October 3, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Quadrant announces partnership with SCUF Gaming


UK-based gaming and lifestyle brand Quadrilateral The controller gave the brand name SCUF Gaming As the official controller partner of the Hello team.

As part of the agreement, SCUF will also explore other content creation opportunities across a wide range of quadrant organizations.

Quadrant partners with SCUF Gaming
Image Credit: Quadrilateral

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The company first entered the sport last year Hello enters the scene. In addition to SCUF, Quadrant has ongoing partnerships with brands such as Gate.io, Elgato, Gilette and Veloce.

Jamie McLaren, Chief Sporting Officer of the Quadrant, Commented: “We are all really excited to have SCUF gaming on board. Their products are not only the best in the market, but the company has a history of pushing the boundaries and setting standards in the world of sport. The controllers will definitely help our team perform at the highest level of competition and this relationship will also create some great content for the brand. ”

In addition, earlier this year SCUF NA esports entity expands its partnership with Optic Gaming and Envy Gaming. The controller maker has a history of teaming up with the Call of Duty League franchise and is now seen expanding into Hello.

Diego Nunez, VP of Gaming at SCUF Gaming, Added: “Following the tremendous growth and success of the Quadrant over the past year and the recent emergence of their brand new Quadrant Hello team, this seems to be an ideal time to cement our partnership as a console and PC regulatory partner. We are pleased to add quadrant and its exceptionally diverse sports competitors and content creators to #TeamSCUF.

“Both sides are dedicated to providing the best high-quality content, influential support and creative brand collaboration, which makes this partnership a perfect fit. We can’t be more thrilled to continue our journey by sharing our values ​​and passions.”

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Esports Insider says: The newly launched Quadrant Halo is now adding another name to its list of partners. Following the collaboration with game capture hardware firm Elgato, the sports company has shown its preference for another cursor brand. It will be interesting to see what Quadrant and SCUF other activations plan in the coming months.

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