October 5, 2022
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PlayStation Plus Is Changing. Here’s What You Need to Know


Aside from the annoying names, this is a welcome simplification of Sony’s offerings. But it is not without its shortcomings. Some games are only available through streaming, which you have to factor in when deciding which level to go with. If you don’t have a really good internet connection, or a limited data cap, you may not get that much value from that level.

What should I do?

Changes to this service will begin rolling out in Asian markets in June, right after North America and Europe, so you have time to consider your options.

If you currently have a PlayStation Plus subscription and you’re just happy with it, good news! You don’t have to do anything. Your subscription will now be called PlayStation Plus Essentials, but other than that, it should be exactly the same. Keep your library of games and everything you claim.

PlayStation customers will now move to the PlayStation Plus Premium, but importantly, their prices won’t increase with the launch. Existing customers will be able to keep the PS Plus premium as long as they have already paid without incurring an extra cost. If you buy your subscription quarterly or even annually, you will receive a few months at a premium level without any additional costs.

If you thought this would be a good time to stock up on PlayStation Now months, Sony took a step towards that. Only monthly subscriptions are available in the company’s stores, and Sony has been pulling gift cards from retailers since January for PlayStation Now (which includes 12-month cards). If you’re lucky enough to be around someone, though, maybe wait a while to redeem it

Will the new Sony games go directly to PS Plus?

While most of Sony’s subscriptions look like Xbox game passes, a key difference can be a dealbreaker for some. Microsoft added Xbox Game Studio games to Game Pass on the first day of their release, but Sony will not adopt that approach. This may not sound like a huge deal, but it can be a difference of hundreds of dollars a year.

For example, when Halo Infinite goes down, it costs $ 60 to buy separately, but for game pass customers, it can be found in their library. However, even PlayStation Plus Premium subscribers will have to pay $ 70 for Horizon Forbidden West. Since the annual subscription for the maximum level of PS Plus is only $ 120, depending on how many new games you play each month, this can be a significant difference in price.

This means that the higher levels of PS Plus will depend on which games are included in their respective libraries. While 400+, even 700+ games may sound like a lot, if you still have to pay $ 70 for a game you really want to play, it may not be as successful.

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