October 3, 2022
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Physicians Accept Remote Auscultation Alternative for Quarantined Patients – Consumer Health News


Thursday, May 5, 2022 (HealthDay News) – According to a study published online on April 20, remote hearing of the heart and lungs is an acceptable option for inherited system for quarantined COVID-19 patients. Sensor.

Or Haskell, from Tel Aviv University in Israel, and colleagues conducted a potential, cross-sectional comparative evaluation of a remote physical examination device (Titocare), primarily used for digital ascites of the heart and lungs. Types of use and thematic appreciation of the user for physicians treating COVID-19 patients in the early stages of the epidemic were collected and analyzed and compared with the inheritance system; User experience results were compared using a 9-value visual analog scale, with 5 indicating apathy in the score identification method, 1 indicating the main choice for the standard test, and 9 indicating the main priority for the Titocare system. A total of 18 physicians performed more than 250 remote physical examinations with patients in quarantine; The average number of patients examined by a physician was 17.

The researchers found that in the setting of quarantined patients, all participants preferred distant testing (moderate, 6), and no statistically significant difference was observed compared to the quality of apathy. Telemedical examinations were preferred by interns over non-interns; Significant differences were observed between groups in terms of cardiac hearing (moderate, 7 vs. 2).

“Our unique and early experience shows that the use of the Titocare system for remote physical examination provides a positive experience, which is a heterogeneous, albeit reflected by reviewing the thematic satisfaction of a small group of physicians,” the authors wrote.

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