October 2, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Our Favorite Hair Dryers and Diffusers (2022): Blow-Dryers, Brushers, and Diffusers


There are simply many hair dryers out there. Here’s something else we tried and liked.

Cosa Triple Threat Blow Dryer for 159: This hair dryer is basic, but it is one that I often reach when my hair needs to be completely dry from wet. It’s light and compact, like Heritage, which makes it easy to manage those long sessions. The diffuser is nice and big, and it comes with two air condensers. (I really like the color pink.) I just wonder what it is expensive for. Kosar Hair Straightener is similarly good but expensive.

Bed head curl in check diffuser hair dryer for 30: Everything from the Bed Head brand, including the design of this hair dryer, screams in the best way of the 90s. It is cheap and works well for drying curls without disturbing their pattern. It is very light and thin, and 4 inches wide, larger than the face of the dryer I saw. However, I hope there would be a medium speed setting, as the lower setting is too low, and the height could be frozen in some hair, even with a diffuser.

Panasonic Nano Hair Dryer for 150: This dryer comes with a few attachments, including a swaying quick-drying nozzle that quickly moves to one side as you dry, mimicking the back and forth motion you can do with your hands. The lower setting was too low for me, and the high was too high for my hair. But if you don’t use a diffuser, I prefer a pendulum nozzle. Panasonic further claims that the dryer can use electrostatic shock to disperse water molecules into tiny nano-sized particles, which can reduce damage.

InfinitiPro by Conair Hair Dryer at 35: This is a great budget option if you do not use a dryer every day. Its low setting is higher than the two mentioned above, so it will work faster on fridge-prone curls.

Tineco Moda One Smart Hair Dryer for 300: Yes, hair dryers are smart now. The Moda One has an advanced iLoop smart sensor technology called Tineco that measures your hair’s moisture level and air temperature 20 times per second to automatically adjust heat and airflow. (Dyson’s hair tools also measure temperature to protect against overheating, but supersonic doesn’t change settings automatically.) Even with a diffuser, the automatic setting at Tineco was too much for drying curls. It depends on how wet your hair is and does not consider the structure of the hair (you can still control it manually). Naturally, there is an app and also settings for pets and kids.


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