March 20, 2023
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Opinion | Dementia Is a Place The place My Mom Lives. It Is Not Who She Is.


Earlier than her migration to Dementia, her voyages have been no much less fraught. Born Olga Irizarry in the course of the peak of the Melancholy in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, my mom has at all times been a survivor. It’s her dominant characteristic, in the identical means some persons are tall or handsome. At 2, she was deserted by her mom. Unacknowledged by her father, she was taken to New York by her paternal grandmother.

There she spent a month in a hospital, beset by worms and malnutrition. After being discharged, she sprang forth like Lazarus to start her new life in Manhattan, exuberant in corrective footwear and home made clothes. She was raised by her abuelita’s childless daughter, Sarah, who renamed her Bunny. When she was a toddler, the town was Bunny’s wonderland; her adoptive father, Ferdinand, photographed her usually as she gazed into the digital camera with a beatific smile.

By the age of 30, Bunny was residing in a rented condominium in California with two youngsters. It was 1967, and her husband would quickly depart for a life freed from home shackles. With out youngster assist, my mom placed on a go well with from Goodwill, obtained a secretarial job and met the love of her life, Ron, a person eight scandalous years youthful. Thirty years later, they retired to a senior cellular residence group, set for all times. Then, when she was in her 70s, one thing in my mom’s mind shifted or short-circuited or simply evaporated, and he or she landed in her new nation.

My mom is bedridden however roams freely nonetheless. Having forgotten the right way to stroll, she continues to be in a position to journey in her thoughts, which is stuffed with holes however wealthy with reminiscence pockets. She will get to maintain the early ones, the great ones: her enchanted childhood in New York within the Forties, her beloved abuelita, the adoptive dad and mom who cherished her. Her little canine, Tapsy, that she wandered Central Park with. The day she heard screaming out her window on Second Avenue and regarded right down to see a younger Frank Sinatra amid a profusion of dazzled youngsters.

Generally she fully loses contact, is unreachable. In Spanish there may be an expression for this: ni de aquí, ni de allá not from right here, not from there. It’s the nationwide motto of Dementia. She meanders, an invisible suitcase at her facet. A citizen of the wind. But she at all times returns, and it’s at all times thrilling, a resurrection.

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