February 8, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

NEAR blockchain-built Sender Wallet closes seed from Binance Labs, MetaWeb Ventures » CryptoNinjas


Sender Wallet, a browser extension wallet built in NEAR, has announced that it has received seed round funding from Binance Labs and MetaWeb Ventures; The investment will help the sender team to develop and expand the ecosystem team.

Offering a one-stop wallet management solution, the sender has a variety of built-in features such as sending and receiving digital assets, instant swap, NFT gallery and stacking. Sender Wallet supports four mainstream browsers: Chrome, Brave, Edge and Kiwi, and integrates with leading Near Ecosystem projects.

“NEAR has always had a great focus on making crypto easy to use, so even mainstream users who are not yet familiar with crypto can be onboard. As a result, nearby ecosystems have been growing at an astonishing pace over the past year. With the official launch of Sender Wallet, we hope to be able to provide more secure asset management with a faster, smoother user experience for nearby users. ”
– Kenny, the founder of the sender

Meanwhile, the sender has integrated and partnered with NEAR – ref.finance’s largest DEX, NEAR – Paras.id’s largest NFT market, as well as the largest DAO platform AstroDAO.

In the near future, the sender plans to work with SlowMist, launch a mobile version of the wallet and strengthen security by adding more multichan support.


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