October 3, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Multichain introduces V4 of anyCall to improve its cross-chain service network » CryptoNinjas


Multichen, a cross-chain router platform, today launched AnyCall’s V4, an interoperability protocol that enables cross-chain messaging and call transactions from chain A to chain B in a transaction.

Any call can send information arbitrarily, such as smart agreement, NFT, message, token, data etc.

The AnyCall Agreement includes the following Agreements and Functions:

1. Any call function – Located in the source chain, any call function calls any call agreement and stores instructions for execution in the destination chain.

2. Multichan MPC Node – Any call agreement is a common MPC address in all blockchains. The agreement identifies the call to any call function and checks security and validity before relaying the message to the destination chain.

3. Any Exx function – The destination is in the chain. The anyExec function receives instructions from the source chain via the AnyCall agreement and executes them in the destination chain.

Other features include:

Universal cross-chain communication

With the AnyCall function, a contract in the destination chain can be called directly from the source chain. The generalization of any call function enables it to share information across chains such as commands, states, data or even messages, making it ideal for cross-chain communication.

Protected by MPC network

When any call agreement is called in the source chain, the MPC node verifies the transfer of data across any chain through any call agreement. MPC is considered one of the most decentralized and secure systems for relaying data across the blockchain.

Easy to install

Since it is only a contract, any call can be easily applied to any blockchain.

Implementation methods are well described in the multichain documentation, and the multichain team provides friendly and accessible support for their implementing coders.

Backed up by multi-chain ecosystem

MPC networks are efficiently decentralized and secured in multichan ecosystems, now connecting to more than 40 blockchains, among many more.

In case of cross-chain use for any call

AnyCall aims to change how developers think and create dApps, cross-chain DEX, cross-chain transaction protocols, cross-chain DAO voting, cross-chain arbitrage bots, cross-chain oracle, data sharing, cross. – Unlock the full potential of the chain Oracles. Chain NFT migration, and more.

See the official documentation page for more information on any call.


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