November 26, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Motivated by the almost impossible | by Daniel Carrillo | Starship Technologies


Repeating and managing already proven is not his thing. Instead, he is busy revolutionizing the world of transportation. Joakim Kronqvist, senior mobile developer at Starship, wants to create a better and more automated world. With the help of robotics and smart technological platforms, he improves when the future is in his hands.

Joachim has a wide range of roles where developing, planning and discussing mobile solutions with different stakeholders are part of daily life. Her work focuses on apps that Starship customers download and use to order their food and drink. He described it as similar to other e-commerce platforms, but with a significant difference Delivers robots instead of humans.

In his spare time he leads an active life and likes many things to happen. For example, he is training for a marathon and putting time and effort into it. Photography is another passion. Joachim likes to depict birds in the forest during his days. Especially in odd corners.

What inspires and inspires you in Starship?

“The fact that we want to revolutionize the whole world – not just a local market – is inspiring. For example, we are well-established in markets such as the United Kingdom and the United States. Since a lot of people live there, we can make a big difference with our services

But I’m inspired by what no one has done before. We are the first and largest company to automate home delivery. This means that we face challenges that no one has seen before. It’s a completely different ball game than copying other people’s proven solutions. “

What is the most unexpected thing about your work?

“Although Starship is a fairly large company, many teams are small with broad responsibilities and lots of self-leadership. This means that if you are a little entrepreneurial, it is convenient. That’s probably the key to success. “

How is the culture of starship unique?

“While other companies call themselves international, we are in reality. There are no geographical limitations at all. We recruit the most intelligent and enthusiastic people we can find, regardless of nationality. My team includes employees from Colombia, Iran, India, Australia and Denmark, for example. What we have in common is not tradition or background, but our drive to revolutionize the world. “

What do you believe is the secret to a successful career?

“Personally, I think you need a clear goal in life and possibly high ambitions. It is often said that if you are the smartest person in the room you should probably change rooms very quickly. I think so, however; I hang out with people like that. I want to give to those who are smarter than me. “

What do you think will be the future of robot development, transportation solutions and AI?

“If you look back to industrialization in the late 19th century, I think we’re seeing a similar change now – towards an automated society. Some jobs will disappear, and new ones will be created. This is especially true of transportation solutions, and environmental and development. It’s easy to see the benefits from both sides. I lead the society in the right direction. “

Describe your work as if I came from another planet.

“I will assume that you are a human being the way you are. Well, perhaps, you also need certain objects. And most likely, it can be found on your planet as well as geographically. Then it may be that these items you need can be found in different physical places from where you are. I would say I create a system that shows where the objects are and then brings them to you. “

Will Starship Deliver to Metaverse?

“We’re so close to the physical dimension at Starship that it’s hard to imagine, but perhaps if you look at it from a different perspective. There are probably some things in the virtual world that need to be delivered and paid for through virtual currency. We may have a future there too. Who knows. ? “

Would you like to join us on this wonderful journey? Great, we’re always on the lookout for extraordinarily talented people. Find your next career Here.


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