October 3, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Moser’s Foods celebrates grand opening in west Columbia


Roger Moser, owner of Moser's Foods, spoke Wednesday about the new store opening at 4420 Faurot Drive in Westbury Village, Scott Boulevard.

Stephanie Jackson can feel new sensations of excitement.

Moser’s Foods employees previously worked at the company’s now-closed grocery store in Business Loop 70. On Wednesday morning, he helped start the first day of a new store at Westbury Village Development in western Columbia.

“Customers come in and say, ‘Welcome to the neighborhood,’ Jackson said, ‘which sounds great.”

Moser opened its new location at 4420 Faurot Drive this week, joining seven other stores owned by Roger and Jenny Moser across Missouri.

Checkout staff assisted shoppers during the grand opening of Moser's Foods at 4420 Fawcett Drive in Westbury Village, Scott Boulevard, on Wednesday.

Scott closed his business in the socks business loop after opening the location just west of Boulevard.

The previous location was open until about two weeks ago.

“The staff feels like an extended family,” Jackson said.

He cites similar feelings among regular customers in previous positions, creating a bitter sweet feeling to transfer it.

“It was good that we were able to sell the old store and retain those same employees,” Moses said. “We’ve been able to recruit new people as well as relocate employees here.”

Champs Chicken is served at the new Mozar's Foods Store at 4420 Fawcett Drive in Westbury Village, near Scott Boulevard.

The new location includes Hanger 54 Pizza, a covered pickup area and a full-service deli with options for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is also champs chicken.

Customers have the option of requesting an employee to bring their groceries to their car at checkout. The cashier prints a ticket for the customer, who then goes to the cover pickup area, gives the ticket to the attendant, and waits for someone to load the groceries for them.

The new location at 32,000 square feet is slightly smaller than the previous one, but Moser said the layout of the new store allows for less variation.

The meat department on Wednesday served freshly cut meat at Moser's Foods on 4420 Fawcett Drive in Westbury Village, near Scott Boulevard.

“There’s a lot of activity here on this side of town,” he said. “The village of Westbury here is going to be a wonderful place, and I got the chance to enter here first.”

Customer David Perkins said the new store presents him with convenience.

“I like that it’s close to us,” Parkins said. “The staff is always nice.”

Founded in 1982, Moser’s is family owned and operated.

Central Pantry, a subsidiary of Food Bank of Central and Northeast Missouri, will move to the previous location of the store at 705 Business Loop 70 and begin rebuilding. The pantry is expected to open in early 2023.

Moser's Foods has a full line of wine and cold beer at 4420 Fawcett Drive in Westbury Village, near Scott Boulevard.

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