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Meet Awesome Women at Starship: Karoliina keeps our fleet of robots healthy | by Daniel Carrillo | Starship Technologies | Mar, 2022


Inspired by International Women’s Day, we are also celebrating the strongest women in our international community at Starship. Did you know that out of 1000 employees of Starship, only 8 are women? Therefore, the more we care and appreciate them, and fortunately, the number of women in the starship is already growing.

Lead a service team at Carolina Starship.

If Carolina’s story inspires you or if you’re interested in working at Starship, check out our Careers page as we currently have more than 120 open positions worldwide.

Happy Women’s Day, Carolina! Tell us a little about your career journey so far.

In the last year of my undergraduate studies in IT and biology, I was taking a robotics class. The course took place at the same time as the world’s largest robotics competition, Robotex, which was held in Tallinn. With an avid robotics fan, my friend, I joined the competition as a volunteer to be a judge. From that day on, my world changed forever.

In the meantime, I joined the Robotics Club at Tallinn University of Technology to create a robot of my own. Moreover, I started teaching robotics to children at Tallinn Secondary School of Science. And while all the other stars lined up, I joined the best kids on the block, Starship Technologies.

While still a student, I joined the company as a robot operator and, with much enthusiasm, started my career as a robot technician less than a year ago. Currently I lead the service team in Tallinn / Helsinki.

When I first stepped through the doors of Starship in 2018, today I fell in love with the robot. From that day on, the journey into the world of technology and the development and discovery of the starship has been amazing and I love every moment of it. .

Oh, you and the robot are really going hand in hand from the beginning. What does your regular day look like in your current role?

In addition to my robot in Tallinn, where Starship’s development office is located, being a technician has taken me to the UK, Washington, California and Wisconsin, which means I contribute globally with my help wherever our robot friends are needed. Recently, my dedication was rewarded because I was offered a new exciting position as a team leader in Estonia and Finland.

My daily work at Starship is very versatile. In the morning, our team usually has a to-do list review meeting. Our top priority is to keep our robot fleet healthy. Being a robot technician is a lot like being a doctor. You have a certain number of patients whose names and problems you know by heart. They come with complaints or monthly health checks and it is our job to provide them with the best care possible. We keep detailed documentation of each robot and keep a close eye on all necessary upgrades and modifications.

In addition to robot repairs, I work every day with electronics testers making, testing, diagnosing and repairing our Printed Circuit Board (PCB). One of the things I fell in love with as a novice tech enthusiast was PCB. The power of a small but powerful electronic board has opened up a whole new world for me, the electrons passing through a small town to fulfill the task of a program still seem like magic to me.

Moreover, I can work with the brightest minds in the field at Starship, and it is an absolute honor.

We love your insights! Can you enlighten us about starship culture?

The culture of starship is not like any other. I get excited to go to work every day, and I often don’t realize when it’s time to go home at night. People at Starship get together to share a common passion, and I can’t get enough of it! The company has become fast and furious (and continues to be so!) Yet able to maintain a sense of family among new and old team members.

We love it! Finally, do you have any suggestions for women who want to enter the technology world or join the world of robots?

Growing up with an older brother and always hanging out with his friends, he taught me early on that more important than your gender is how you present yourself. I mean, often in male dominated technology I’ve never felt like an outsider, because more important than your gender is the passion and love that you bring to the table and to your team every day.

At Starship, employees are assessed on the basis of their abilities and passions towards robots, regardless of their gender. I have always felt appreciated and cared for by the members of each team.


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