October 3, 2022
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Manchester Airport and Birmingham Airport face long security queues | Travel News | Travel


It is believed that some passengers even missed flights to Birmingham and Manchester airports. A woman and her group of about 30 friends had hoped to board a flight from Birmingham to Dublin, Ireland this morning, but they left safely. The tourist, who is a student, tweeted: “About 30 of us didn’t make our flight – not even through security.”

According to the Manchester Evening News, people are still lined up at Manchester Airport.

Christian Walsh, who moved to Spain from the hub, said: “Manchester Airport is like the Hunger Games here.”

Terminal One is affected by staff shortages.

A Twitter user said: “Terminal 1 departure security is a mess. Waiting for fasttrack is longer than usual.”

Another tweeted: “@Many Airport needs to be fixed, 4 luggage desks and 4 security desks are open in Terminal 1, hundreds of people lined up in the car park for more than 2 hours, not equipped for the amount of stuffing level passengers you are going through the terminal” , Please sort it out. “

And the second city chaos represents the second day of the hub delay following rows and miss flights throughout Sunday, says Birmingham Live.

Couples, elderly people and families were among those who “lost their minds” yesterday.

Workers have reportedly reduced long delays to “staff shortages and illnesses”.

Rebekah McLoughlin, who did not miss her flight to Dublin on Sunday, May 2nd, said: “I arrived at the airport at 6am for the flight to Dublin in Raynaud at 8.10am.

“I asked the staff members several times about my flight, especially when it was 8am and I was still queuing.

“I had to go through security and call the Swiss port for help and there was no answer. I bought a ticket back to Dublin later today which cost me 170 euros.

“I understand the staff were under pressure but it was difficult to ask them anything because they said they would call us, but they were too late to call us.”

Birmingham Airport said it was busy with “more than 13,000 customers due to flight from BHX” earlier in the day.

A spokesman said: “We thank everyone for their patience and understanding. We will look into the situation of those who missed their flight.

“As always, our message to outgoing customers is: help us remove rows by removing any liquids, gels, pastes and electrical items from your bag before our security X-ray scanner.”

Manchester Airport has been contacted for comment.


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