January 29, 2023
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Make Reservations Now For Unique National Park Cave Tours In Utah


The Cave Tour is set to begin later this month in one of Utah’s most popular and unique attractions.

The Timpanogos Caves National Memorial Tour opens on May 18th. Save is a requirement and can be done up to 30 days in advance.

This is a special year for the monument, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary.

“We are excited to celebrate the centenary of the Timpanogos Cave National Memorial,” said Cami McKinney, acting superintendent, in a release. “For the past 100 years, many families have had a tradition of visiting caves, communities that have supported the park’s success and brought people together for decades.”

A series of events are taking place in honor of the centenary, all leading up to the October 14th birthday party. Events include:

  • Daily Lantern Cave Tour
  • New exhibition at the visitor center
  • Star teams
  • A 100 day hike challenge
  • Free Saturday program for children and families
  • Art at the park event

“We have a lot of different activities planned,” said Sheila Hunt, caretaker of the Timpanogos Visitor Center. Daily universe. “I think one of my favorites is called Art in the Park.”

Artists at the Art in the Park will spend the day in caves, on the side of the road, or in a visitor center.

100 years of history

Built in 1922 by President Warren G. Harding, the Timpanogos Cave National Monument is a treasure trove unknown to many.

Located on the American Fork Canyon in the Wasach Range, it features an extensive cave system consisting of three connected caves: the Timpanogos Cave, the Hansen Cave and the Central Cave.

Each has a wide range of structures, including helicalites, stalactites, stalagmites, calcite crusts, draperies and frostworks.

Due to the severe weather that can happen in other months, visits are usually made from some time in May to some time in October.

To reach the caves, visitors must first walk about 1.5 miles on a paved trail that rises more than 1,000 feet. The entrance to the caves is just below 7,000 feet. The weather can be hot, so visitors should be well hydrated and conditioned to walk in the air which is thinner than most.

Due to the severity of the trail, no strollers or wheelchairs are allowed and no pets, food or drink are allowed inside the caves.

The caves have dark passages and arches, pillars and other structures that are spectacular to see.

“We respect everyone who has worked here and visited the caves, and we invite you to celebrate with us throughout the year,” McKinney said.

A list of tickets, tour schedules and programs can be found on the park’s website. Tickets are $ 12 or $ 7 for 2 to 11 year olds.

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