February 8, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Kara Swisher’s Take on Elon Musk and Twitter


Hey, remember how Did Elon Musk buy Twitter? It has been a turbulent week since then, both on and off the controversial social media platform. There are still many open questions about what is going to happen on Twitter. But the whole bizarre deal also raises questions that extend beyond a single platform. For example, how can this affect the spread of misinformation online? How can this affect democracy? At the moment, there is no better person to help answer this question than powerhouse technology journalist Cara Switzer.


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At Gadget Lab this week, Cara joined us to talk about Twitter, Elon’s strategy, Web3, and cryptocurrency.

Show notes

Listen to Kara Swisser Swing Read more about the podcast Elon Musk and Twitter. Read the archives of Cara and Lorraine’s old podcasts Too embarrassed to ask.


Who recommended the film Everything, everywhere, all at once. Mike recommends books Death is lost in the valley By Harley Rustad. Lauren calls you The Center for Reproductive Rights (্র ReproRights) And the Yellowhamer Fund (Yellowfund)

Kara Swiss can be found on Twitterkaraswisher. Lauren Good Hall.Lauren Good. Michael Calorie.Snack fight. Bling to the main hotline at 8GadgetLab. The show is produced by Boon Ashworth.Buneshworth) Our theme music by Solar Key.

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