February 2, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Inflation impacts hit local food trucks | News


Tupelo, Miss. (WTVA) – Prices of almost everything from grocery store food to gas pump fuel have gone up.

This is no different for local food truck owners who are experiencing the effects of inflation.

Once a week, local food trucks gather in downtown Tupelo to sell their home-made specialties. It’s known as “Food Truck Friday” at Fairpark.

“It was a struggle but we are working on it,” said Marshandria Greece, owner and operator of Edible Happiness.

Marshandria Greece owns the local food truck, Edible Bliss.

Philly Chess Steak Egg Rolls

The specialty of his food truck is the homemade Philly Cheese Steak Egg Rolls.

But the struggle he is experiencing comes from rising inflation.

“Five gallons of oil, which was probably-16- $ 17 a year or two ago, is now $ 41, so that’s a big change,” Greece explained.

This is a big change for a local, small business.

Increased costs have forced Greece to adjust some menus.

“I just had to adjust my price and I didn’t really want to. But to survive this time, you have to raise a few dollars.

Because every time you go back to the grocery store it probably goes up $ 3- $ 5, ”Greece said.

Despite some changes in menu prices, Greece said its food quality remained the same.

“It’s the quality of the meat and I don’t want to go down on quality, so I have to make a difference to keep everything going and get my customers back,” Greece said.

With rising prices for essential items such as meat and cheese, local food trucks are simply not working.

They are also dealing with rising fuel prices.

“Well, this van used to charge me 40 40 to cover it, now it’s double, it’s 80 80,” explained Dave Feterman, owner of Davy Dogs.

Dave Feterman started his hot dog stand in November.

His specialty is the Chicago style hot dog.

Often, he loads his hot dog stand and travels on weekends.

“Sometimes over $ 80 a week, if I go back and forth on the Tangelfoot Trail in Pontotok, you’re using a quarter of a gas tank,” Feterman explained.

Although he is feeling the pinch at the pump, so far, inflation has not forced Davy Dogs to make any changes to the menu, but Dave says he is happy to be able to serve customers.

“Now that the Covid thing is cut and everyone is back, it’s great,” Feterman said.

For food truck customers, they understand the effects of inflation.

But encourage local eating.

“Inflation, it’s hurting everyone. But we get food trucks one Friday a week. If you can’t splurge one day a week, I’ll continue to support. Prices are going to rise above everything. Customer.

If you want to enjoy getting out of the food truck on a Friday, the trucks are set around Fairpark from 2pm or until the meal lasts.


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