February 8, 2023
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IMDb launches new interactive gaming app ‘What to Watch’ on Amazon Fire TV – TechCrunch


Searching for something to see can often feel like a chore. Today, IMDB will launch a free IMDB What to Watch app for Fire TV, exclusively for users in the United States that recommend customized movies and TV series across multiple streaming services tailored to their preferred genres, interests and their current moods.

Nikki Santoro, IMDb’s chief operating officer, said: “Millions of customers rely on IMDb when it comes to deciding what and where to look.”

What started out as a hobby project in the 90’s has now become one of the most popular sources of entertainment discovery. The database contains about 10+ million headlines and about 200 million or more monthly monthly visitors worldwide.

But many of us are tired of scrolling through the endless sea of ​​content across our dozens of streaming service subscriptions. Nielsen reports that nearly half of respondents to his survey admitted that they were overwhelmed by the surplus of content in streaming services. Families who are constantly struggling with the remote or are undecided on what to watch (hence the name) may prefer to play with IMDb’s new series of interactive mini-games.

Using proprietary and authentic IMDb data, the new app is designed to provide a selection of simple games that can help players discover movies and series. To save you even more time, the app gives you a glimpse of each title, including a summary of the genre, trailer, runtime, and plot. There will also be IMDB user ratings so that you can get neutral feedback on the quality of the content and whether it is worth watching. Additionally, instead of clicking through the app and searching for suggested movies or shows, the What to Watch app lets you click on titles using the Fire TV remote.

Image Credit: IMDB

IMDb’s What to Watch app also offers quick and easy games, such as “Quick Draw”, a card game that is randomized through movie and series options, revealing a triple selection in seconds. The player may repeatedly click “Deal Card” until they find something that catches their eye.

The second game is called “Watch Challenge”, which provides a list of multiple curated IMDb titles. For those with a collector mindset, the game allows players to view, rate, and collect digital stamps as they view titles from lists such as IMDb’s Top 250 movies, award-winning titles, and popular franchises.

The third and final game that will be offered at launch is “this or that.” A pretty basic idea, the game is “this or that?” A series of. Questions based on what the player is looking for depending on their mood, genre, etc. There is also the ability to set a preferred viewing time and rating.

Image Credit: IMDB

According to the company, IMDb will continue to launch new games on the app, including the upcoming game “Time Machine”, which will allow players to watch their favorite movie of the decade at any time in history, and “Build-in-Cast”, a game where players Can create dream casts and bring together the actors they want to see The company will announce these games to customers as soon as they become available.

Charlotte Mains, director of Fire TV, said: “Entertainment on Fire TV is about discovering new shows and movies, connecting customers quickly to content and delighting with the experience.” “With the launch of the IMDB What to Watch app, we’re providing customers with a fun and exciting way to discover what’s next for movie night.”

As more users seek more personalized options, companies are trying to address this issue with more apps and features, such as Netflix’s recommendation system and its “Play Something” button, among others, including Plex’s new Discovery section, the JustWatch app. Netflix is ​​also embracing interactive content and gaming with its recent “Trivia Quest” shows and mobile app games.

More streaming services and companies should cater to an audience that strives for fun ways to find new content.


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