October 5, 2022
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Health news severe patient of corona is high risk of delirium rp


New Delhi, December 16: No one knows how long Corona will have a devastating effect on your life. But often it has side effects. Numerous studies have shown that corona patients show more symptoms after one year. Also, other types of problems start to bother some patients. According to a recent study, patients with severe coronary heart disease are at risk of developing a condition called delirium. Delirium is a type of mental illness in which a person is always confused. This leads to deterioration of the patient’s mental state and he is always in confusion. In this disease the patient cannot think (Severe COVID-19 Can Lead To Delirium). According to NDTV, the study was conducted on 150 patients who were hospitalized in the United States at the onset of the epidemic. The study found that 73 percent of patients had severe colic delirium. The study was published in the BMJ Open Journal. Studies in hypertension and diabetes have also shown that delirium patients suffer from diseases such as hypertension and diabetes and experience more severe symptoms related to Covid-19. Philip Volsides, a professor and author of the study at the University of Michigan in the United States, says that covid is associated with many other complications, which can lead to a long-term hospitalization of a sick person. It was difficult to recover quickly from this condition. The researchers analyzed a study based on the medical records of patients admitted to the ICU between March and May 2020 and the findings after discharge from the hospital. Read this – good news! Farmers will get special identity cards, it will be easier to get the benefits of government projects

The study found that about a quarter of patients suffer from delirium even after being discharged from the hospital. In some patients the symptoms last for several months. According to researchers, this condition can make the healing process more difficult after discharge from the hospital. Philip said that based on the results of the study, it could be said that hospitalized patients with severe symptoms of Covid-19 were more likely to develop depression and dementia. “Overall, this study shows why vaccination and avoiding serious illness are so important,” he said. It can cause long-term neurological consequences in the nervous system and brain. Read this – The benefits of bananas: The great benefits of eating a banana every day on a cold day, find out the right time
Why is delirium disease? Delerium can occur when the supply of oxygen to the brain is reduced. In this condition, blood clots form in the brain. It can also affect the brain, which can affect the ability to think. Delirium can increase inflammation in the patient’s brain, leading to confusion and discomfort.

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