February 8, 2023
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Health News Roundup: Evidence mounts for need to study Pfizer’s Paxlovid for long COVID – researchers say; Shanghai says China’s worst COVID outbreak is under “effective control” and more


The following is a summary of current health news.

Evidence of Pfizer’s need for Paxlovid study for long covid – researchers say

Additional reports of chronic covid patients whose Pfizer Inc. oral antiviral treatment was aided by paxlovid gave new impetus to conducting clinical trials to test the drug for debilitating conditions, U.S. researchers said Thursday. Three new case studies follow previous reports of long-covid patients who were relieved of their symptoms after treatment, which is currently only allowed for high-risk individuals after the onset of COVID symptoms.

Shanghai says China’s worst Kovid outbreak “under effective control”

Shanghai said Friday it had effectively brought under control China’s worst COVID-19 outbreak after a month-long lockdown of about 25 million people, with authorities vowing to stand by their zero-COVID strategy despite rising economic costs. The number of new Kovid infections in China’s financial center has been on a “steady downward trend” since April 22, said the city’s vice-major, Wu Qing.

‘How did we catch it?’: Kovid’s confusion locks down Shanghai residents

Veronica thought she had complied with all COVID-19 lockdown rules in Shanghai, China. After the entire city was closed on April 1, his family of four strictly followed government orders to stay home, only to go out the front door for the mandatory PCR test.

Kovid has caused 15 million deaths worldwide, not 5 million reported – WHO

According to a new World Health Organization (WHO) report, COVID-19 has killed nearly three times as many people as the official data show, according to the most comprehensive view of the actual global toll of the epidemic so far. By the end of 2021, there have been an additional 14.9 million deaths associated with COVID-19, the UN agency said Thursday.

The United States has limited the use of J&J’s COVID vaccine to reduce the risk of blood clots

The U.S. Department of Health said Thursday it is limiting the use of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine to adults due to the risk of a rare blood clotting syndrome, the latest threat to the shot taken by rivals. The J&J shots, which received U.S. clearance for adults in February 2021, may be administered in cases where approved or approved COVID-19 vaccines are not accessible or if one is less interested in using the other two shots, the Food and Drug Administration said. .

Travel industry, airlines call for discontinuation of COVID test for entry into US

Major U.S. airlines, business and travel groups and other organizations on Thursday called on the White House to waive COVID-19 pre-departure testing requirements for vaccinated international passengers traveling to the United States. “In light of the slow economic recovery of the business and international travel sector and in light of medical advances and improved public health metrics in the United States, we urge you to immediately remove the need for in-patient testing for vaccinated air travelers,” the signed letter said. By American Airlines, Carnival Corporation, Marriott International, Walt Disney Company’s Disney Parks, US Chamber of Commerce, US Travel Association and others.

Shanghai reported 12 new covid-related deaths for May 5, vs. 13 days ago

Shanghai, China’s former financial center, reported 12 new COVID-19 deaths on May 5, down from 13 a day earlier, the local government said in a statement on Friday. The city reported 4,024 new local asymptomatic coronavirus cases on May 5, down from 4,390 a day earlier.

China reported 4,714 new confirmed coronavirus cases on May 5, compared to 5,113 a day earlier.

Mainland China reported 4,714 new coronavirus cases on May 5, of which 374 were symptomatic and 4,340 were asymptomatic, the National Health Commission said Friday. This compares with 5,113 new cases a day earlier – 373 notable and 4,740 asymptomatic infections, which China counts separately.

Omicron is as serious as any other Covid variant – large U.S. research

The omicron variant of the SARS-CoV2 virus is as severe internally as the previous variants, according to a preprint version of a larger U.S. study that countered other studies assuming it was more contagious but less serious.

The importance of inoculation and booster shots should be further emphasized by estimating the severity of Omicron after calculating the effect of the vaccine, experts say. Vaccines helped keep hospital admissions and mortality relatively low during Omicron growth compared to previous forms.

Louisiana lawmakers have passed a bill to classify abortion as homicide

Louisiana lawmakers have passed a bill that would abolish abortion in the state, give constitutional rights to “all unborn children” from the moment of fertilization, and classify abortion as a homicide. Wednesday’s move comes two days after a leaked draft ruling showed that the US Supreme Court was ready to overturn the 1973 Landmark Row v. Wade ruling that legalized abortion nationwide. The court’s final verdict is expected in June.

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