October 2, 2022
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Health News Roundup: COVID worsens asthma in children; booster after infection not as beneficial vs Omicron; U.S. CDC says travelers should still wear masks on airplanes and more


The following is a summary of current health news.

Covid makes asthma worse in children; Not as beneficial as booster vs. omicron after infection

Below is a summary of some recent studies on Covid-19. They include research that warrants further study to support the findings and has not yet been validated by peer review. COVID-19 worsens asthma in children

The US CDC says passengers should still wear masks on the plane

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Tuesday recommended that passengers continue to wear masks on planes, trains and airports despite a judge’s April 18 order declaring the 14-month-old transport mask mandate illegal.

The CDC said it made the recommendation based on the current COVID-19 condition and the spread of the mask’s protective value as well.

Beijing has blocked public transport due to the spread of Kovid in China

The Chinese capital, Beijing, on Wednesday shut down dozens of metro stations and bus routes to stop the spread of COVID-19 and avert the fate of Shanghai, where millions of residents have been under severe lockdown for more than a month. New evidence has emerged that China’s uncompromising fight against the coronavirus, which appeared to be emerging in a market in Wuhan in late 2019, is slowing its growth and hurting international companies investing there.

Top Negotiators Reach ‘Results’ of Covid Vaccine IP Weaver-WTO

The four major parties to the intellectual property waiver for the Covid-19 vaccine have prepared a “result document” for approval by the larger membership, the WTO said on Tuesday, with its chief expecting a final agreement by June. WTO Director-General Engoji Okonzo-Aiwala, who has made vaccine equity his top priority since taking office in 2021, has been working for months to reach a compromise between the United States, the European Union, India and South Africa to break 18. -Music stagnation.

Opioid Distributors Reach 518 Million Settlement With Washington State

Washington has reached a 518 million settlement with drug distributors McKesson Corporation, AmeriSourcebergen Corporation and Cardinal Health Inc., a month-long trial for the alleged role of companies in fueling the opioid epidemic in the state. McKesson will pay $ 197 million, while AmerisourceBergen and Cardinal will each contribute $ 160.5 million to the settlement.

India has released 2020 death data before the WHO Covid Mortality Study

India registered a total of about 475,000 deaths in 2020 compared to last year, according to official data released ahead of schedule on Tuesday. Some experts estimate that the actual Kovid death toll in India is as high as 4 million, which is almost eight times the official figure, especially the record wave driven by the Delta variant, which killed many people in April and May last year. The figures will be released at the WHO on Thursday.

Abortion rights activists rally in US, draft inspired by Supreme Court opinion

Protesters rallied in cities across the United States on Tuesday under the slogan “Stop Our Bodies,” demanding the protection of abortion rights after a draft Supreme Court opinion was leaked that would overturn the 1973 Rowe v. Wade ruling. Thousands turned out for the abortion-rights rally in New York City, one of the largest protests by Americans waking up for political and social upheaval, just months before voters went to the polls in the midterm congressional elections.

Oklahoma governor signs abortion ban after six weeks of pregnancy, effective immediately

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Steit signed a bill Tuesday banning abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, immediately declaring almost all abortions in the state illegal. The law, passed by the Republican-led legislature, relies on individual citizens to sue the provider or anyone who “assists or aids” abortion six weeks after it is implemented. It was created in imitation of a Texas law that has prevented legal challenges since it came into force in that state in September.

VP Harris Rowe v. Wade called the Supreme Court threat an “attack on freedom.”

Vice President Kamala Harris said Tuesday that the possible Supreme Court decision to overturn Rowe v. Wade represents an attack on women and attacks Republicans for “disarming” the issue, giving the White House the first hint of how it could use the war on abortion. The right to mobilize voters in the upcoming midterm elections. “If the court overturns Rowe v. Wade, it will be a direct attack on freedom,” Harris, a Democrat, told attendees at an event hosted by Emily’s List, an organization that works to elect Democrats to the Office of Abortion Rights.

Canadian leaders have confirmed their right to vote after a draft US abolition of abortion rights was leaked

The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Canada reaffirmed their support for women’s right to choose after a leaked draft ruling on Tuesday that the US Supreme Court was ready to overturn a landmark decision to legalize abortion.

Block Quebecois, a federal political party, moved a resolution in the Canadian Parliament on Tuesday recognizing a woman’s “free choice in abortion.”

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