October 2, 2022
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Great Bay Food Truck Festival, Free Comic Book Day: 7 weekend events


It’s your mom celebrating weekend. Whether it’s a reservation for brunch or dinner, breakfast in bed, a trip to the Great Bay Food Truck Festival or a show, be sure to spend some time with her if you can. If you can’t, there’s a free comic book day in Rochester on Saturdays, and there’s plenty of art to explore during the monthly Art ‘Round Town on Friday evenings. And if you have a small child, you have the new “Imagine That!” Children’s book exhibition at Discover Portsmouth Center. This is the best photo option for the weekend.

For all the details you need to know about each event, read:

The second annual Great Bay Food Truck Festival returns to Stratham Hill Park on Saturday, May 7th.

Great Bay Food Truck Festival

The second annual Great Bay Food Truck Festival will be held on Saturday, May 7 from 5pm to 5pm at Stratham Hill Park, featuring more than 20 food trucks, artisan vendors and music.

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Presented by the Exeter Area Chamber of Commerce and Stratham Parks and Recreation, the event will support the income chamber as well as local programs brought forward by the Stratham Parks and Recreation Department. Participating food trucks include The Big Bad Food Truck, Bird’s Nest Italian Street Food, Grace Kitchen Pizza, Butter “Ur” Biscuits, Hot Mess Putin, Chef Rafiqi, Maken Ends Meat, Kimberly’s Gluten Free Kitchen, Chubba Ub, Clyde’s Cupcakes, Red’s Good Vibes, Coppa Magica, The Sandwich Monstahh, The Daily Press, Seacoast Pretzel, Donali’s, Seacoast Street Eats, Friends 4 OBA, and Tin Can Co., a huge variety that will delight everyone in your group.


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