February 8, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Gray Dawes adds PSNGR1 to booking tool options


Travel management company Gray Dows has joined PSNGR1’s agency program and is now offering its online booking tool for customers.

Gray Davies, ranked 15th largest TMC in the UK, praised PSNGR1’s next-generation storefront, NDC capabilities and intuitive interface. The booking tool will be offered to customers along with current tech partners Atris and Concours.

Suzanne Horner, CEO of Gray Davis Group, says the partnership allows TMC to “offer clients a fully tailored solution based on their needs and, importantly, their preferences.”

“It’s exciting to see NDC enjoying the next-generation storefront shopping and booking experience that offers fares based on travel experience, but moreover, and over time, personalized offers for our customers.”

Horner added: “This is an exciting time for Gray Davis. We’ve seen a real bounce-back after Covid on business trips and set our own turnover ambitions.” TMC posted sales of £ 210 million in 2019 and is now targeting £ 300 million over the next two years.

Chris Moss, founder and CEO of PSNGR1, added: “Gray Davis has built an enviable reputation for challenging sustainability and providing their customers with an award-winning travel experience … PSNGR1 will now be part of that value proposition.”

Gray Davis is the second UK-based TMC to secure a partnership with Techtu last November after adding PSNGR1, while the third UK TMC is understood to be close to finalizing an agreement with the technology provider.

According to the company, PSNGR1 serves more than 2,500 of the company’s customers.

The US-based business, founded in 2016, hired Richard Weiner as general manager of the UK and Europe in March. “We have invested to expand further into Europe as we begin to scale our business,” said Weiner.

Meanwhile, Julian Munsey has joined Gray Davis as Vice President of Global Sales. He was previously Group Sales Director at Mayon Valley Travel and senior manager at Reed & McKay, before consulting and strategy.


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