February 2, 2023
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Global Cloud Ecosystem Index 2022


About the index

The Global Cloud Ecosystem Index 2022 is a snapshot of global cloud development and innovation. It ranks 76 countries and territories on the technology, regulations and talents they use to promote cloud computing services. The index integrates scores given to each country or region across four themes, or pillars: infrastructure, ecosystem adoption, protection and assurance, and talent and human relationships.


The Global Cloud Ecosystem Index is based on analysis of global macroeconomic, labor, trade, and technology data and preliminary research interviews with global technology developers, analysts, and policymakers. It measures the economies of 76 countries and regions along four separate pillars: infrastructure, ecosystem adoption, security and assurance, and talent and human relations.

Within each column, a series of indicators – a list of qualitative and quantitative factors – were then selected and populated. Through trend analysis and research, weighting estimates were assigned to determine the relative importance of each indicator and column affecting a country’s cloud computing behavior.

About MIT Technology Review Insights

MIT Technology Review was founded in 1899 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT Technology Review Insights is the custom publishing division of MIT Technology Review. We conduct quality and quantitative research and analysis worldwide and publish a wide variety of content, including articles, reports, infographics, videos and podcasts. If you have any comments or questions, please contact.

About Infosys Cobalt

Infosys Cobalt is a set of services, solutions and platforms that serve as an energy factor for cloud-driven enterprise transformation. It offers 35,000 cloud resources and over 300 industrial cloud solution blueprints. Infosys Cobalt helps businesses redesign the enterprise from scratch and build new cloud-first capabilities to create seamless experiences in the public, private and hybrid clouds across the PaaS, SaaS and IaaS landscapes. Through community leverage of Infosys Cobalt, enterprises can quickly launch solutions and create business models to meet the changing needs of the market while adhering to the most stringent global, regional and industry regulatory and safety standards.

To learn more about the cloud, see Cloud Hub: From Clouds to Clarity.

For more details on Infosys Cobalt, visit our infy.com/infosyscobalt.


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