February 8, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Food truck park now open to the public


Meridian, Miss (WTOK) – A food truck park is now open in Queen City. At Downtown Meridian, people can take their favorite food on wheels.

The culinary park is located at 2401 5th Street and is open daily, offering a selection of rentals for most taste buds. Dab’s chicken and waffles will be there on Wednesday. Snow Sweets will start fulltime next week, Tuesday-Saturday. TC Kitchen and Catering will be in the evening. Others include Cook It Up and Pops Hot Dogs and Catering.

The park owner called the soft opening a success this week.

Councilwoman Tie Bell Lindsay has become a lawyer at Food Truck Park to help give people in her ward something new. More trucks are coming, such as Dontae’s Seafood and Wings and Thangs. Others may be added.

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