September 30, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Food Gatherers cancels annual Grillin’ fundraiser for third year


ANN ARBOR, Mich. – Food collectors have again canceled its annual grill for food collectors’ outdoor picnics and fundraising.

“After careful consideration, we sadly share that we will not host Grillin 2022,” said Aileen Spring, president and CEO of Food Gatherers, in a release.

Typically held at the Washington County Fairgrounds, more than 1,400 people participate in fundraising to help food collectors raise money for many food rescue programs that are starving in Washington County.

“With ongoing supply chain problems, rising inflation and continued public health uncertainty, we are not confident that we will be able to pull off a successful event. Grillin ’relies on significant support from the local food business and at the moment, everyone in the food industry is tired and focused on maintaining their daily activities. The same is true of food collectors who are still delivering above average food to meet the growing needs of our community, ”said Spring.


Fundraising was first canceled in 2020 due to the global COVID-19 epidemic. So far, the next grillin for food collectors is scheduled for June 11, 2023.

This year, the nonprofit is requesting a fundraiser with the Harold & K. Peplau Family Fund, which will match up to 40,000.

Community members can Donate onlineCall 734-761-2796 or send mail to the Food Gatherers PO box at 131037 Ann Arbor, MI 48113.

In 2021, the Ann Arbor-based nonprofit has donated nine million pounds of food to the needy through its 170 community partners. This amount was equivalent to about 7.5 million meals, food collectors said.

Those who need food can use it This map Find local food pantry and free food programs.


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