November 26, 2022
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Mother’s Day means something different to each person. For some it is a day to celebrate their mother, for others it is a day to honor the strong female personality or father that does it all.

Regardless of personal feelings about the day, Mother’s Day is coming up on Sunday, and (or instead of) saving a table for breakfast and buying bouquets or other gifts, take some time and explore the local food offers, this weekend for you or someone special in your life. Flowers and fun to help create and celebrate.


For those who want to skip the standard Mother’s Day brunch, take Mom – or a few friends – and make lunch a day trip to any U-Peak location across Brentwood. Although the weather will determine the exact opening date, the cherry and strawberry fields remain open around Mother’s Day.

Maggiore Ranch at 3017 Walnut Blvd. Expect Dark Cherry varieties (Coral Champagne, Brooks, Lapins and Bing) to be unveiled on Mother’s Day weekend.

“It’s a great Mother’s Day activity because picking cherries is something you can do together,” said Mark Maggiore, owner of Maggiore Ranch. “Or, if mom needs a day off, cherry picking is an activity where kids go out for the day with the family and bring mom some of their freshly picked cherries together.

Maggiore added, “(U-Peak) is a great way to teach and teach children about where their food comes from while having such a fun time.” “Our cherries are delicious, fresh from the tree, but also great for baking, which opens the door to a lot of family work.”

Bacchini’s Fruit Tree, 2010 Walnut Blvd., also hopes that its farms will be open in the first week of May, making it an ideal location for Mother’s Day U-Peak activities.

Bacchini’s Fruit Tree is available in white peach, kiwa blackberry, sweet cherry, white rainier cherry, olaliberry, plutus, santa rosa plum, white nectarine, apricot, locust and walnut, various fruits in spring and summer months.

Before trekking out to a farm or farm, check out the website and social media at each U-Peak location to make sure the fruit pick is open and available for the desired fruit pick. Each farm has its own rules for participation. Some ranches may require advance preservation and others may continue to apply some COVID-19 restrictions.


It’s one thing to buy a bouquet, another thing to go out and enjoy the beauty of Tri-Valley. Although wildlife picking is prohibited, there are plenty of trails throughout the region to explore this weekend.

To the south, visit the Sunol Regional Wildlife Sanctuary with golden poppy, western blue-eyed grass, lupine, popcorn flowers, mule ears, feedlanek, buttercups and hedge nettle, or flowers in the north, including American Veach, Arroyo Lupine, Baby Blue Eye, Baked Hawksbeard, and flowers. There is no better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to enjoy the mild weather outside of Bentflower Fidlanek, May, in the Regional Wildlife Conservation.

According to Jane Vania, a public information specialist at East Bay Regional Park, wildflowers can be seen along the O’Hallon Wilderness Trail in the Del Valle Regional Park, south of Livermore, from Rocky Ridge.

Off the trail, expect to see Gali Lupine, Mule Ears, Yaro, Fidlanek, Ethereal’s Spear, Brodia, Blow Waves, Buttercup and Yellow Sanicel.

Pleasantton Ridge Checkerblum on Foothill Road, Common Star Lily, Vech, Western Blue-Eyed Grass, Fiesta Flower, California Buttercup, California Golden Violet, California Poppy, Henderson’s Shooting Star, Lupine’s Lollipops The Preserve Coyote Trail will feature Larkspur, Mount Diablo Fairy Lanterns, Globe Lilies, Mule Ears, and Colinia heterophila.

Dublin Hills Regional Open Space Preserve, Big Scale Balsam Route, Black Mustard, Bristley Linanthas and California Four Flower in California and Flower in California Four in California, including a trail staging area located east of the junction of Dublin Boulevard and Marshall Canyon Drive.

“Enjoy the rich variety of wildflowers that bloom from March to May in many of the East Bay Regional Gardens,” Vania said. “Experiencing the beauty of nature first hand is a memorable way to spend time with friends and family.”

Vania said other regional parks include impressive wildlife displays: Black Diamond Mines (Antioch), Bryones (Martinez), Coyote Hills (Fremont) and Vargas Plateau (Fremont).

A Wildflower Guide is available at Visit times and fees for each park are available on the East Bay Regional Park District website.


Regardless of whether a child is 6 or 60 years old, parents are happy to receive handicraft pieces from them.

Wine and paint nights have become a popular way for people to pretend to be pies, but for a more subtle approach, go out with mom or take yourself out to get creative – and a little messy – at a painting event or paint – your own ceramic studio.

At 153 SL St. Livermore’s Pinnote Palette is offering six paint classes between Friday and Saturday, as well as a complete calendar of classes throughout the month of May. Instructions are given throughout the entire process of making each painting hangable.

“Celebrating Mother’s Day on Pinot’s palette is like no other Mother’s Day celebration,” said owner Leslie Warren. “Our Mother’s Day gives family and friends a way to communicate and be creative while creating memories with mom. We play music throughout the class, people sing and laugh. It’s really better than brunch. (We’ll serve one) Appreciate all the guests.” Sweet food for. “

Periodically, Pinot’s Palette offers painting kits with written or video instructions to create paintings in privacy for homeless people and those who may still be extra COVID-alert. Kits can be purchased online and picked up at the studio. The kits take a day or two to prepare and may not be available in time for Sunday home painting. If this option is preferred, call ahead of time to see if the studio can accommodate the request.

“It’s all about the experience of creating love, laughter and memories,” Warren said, adding that appetites, snacks and drinks – non-alcoholic, mixed drinks and wine and beer from local wineries and breweries – are available for purchase at any painting. Events

A second Pinot palette operates at Danville, 410 Sycamore Valley Road West, but Warren does not own that location.

If you prefer alternative painting surfaces, be creative for drawing a variety of surfaces at Creative, 5480 Sunol Blvd., Suite 2. Everything from ceramics to wood and rock to canvas is available for drawing as a walk-in. Pick a favorite, give an apron and start painting something special, and if the inspiration fails to strike, use the studio tablets to view a photo gallery and step-by-step video instructions for specific projects.

If pottery is preferred, consider visiting Color Me Mine at Placenton, 310 Main St. Unit B for pottery. However, the pottery pieces are not available to take home on the day of painting. The pieces must be dried, glazed and placed in the oven to finish. Completed projects are usually available within two weeks of being painted, making this an ideal project to complete together on Mother’s Day.

Whatever the celebration, do something different this weekend. Check out the wildflowers, get creative or pick cherries for a family-friendly, fun event that can be a delicious way to end the day.


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