January 29, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Dunlow food distribution feeds hundreds


DANLO, WAVA (WSAZ) – The Covid-19 epidemic has seen an increase in the number of people facing starvation for the first time, with many returning to work and many more meeting their needs.

However, in Wayne County, data from Facing Hunger Foodbank shows that 17% of residents experience food insecurity.

Vehicles lined the street near the Danlow Community Center on Thursday, hoping their homes would provide fresh food and basic necessities.

The company supplied fresh fruit, meat and milk, while Cabwellingo Food Pantry provided small appliances, diapers and other services.

“It was very difficult to meet the cost of gas and to meet the needs of ordinary households like laundry detergent and everything,” said Bernice Cassadi, who was present at the distribution.

“Milk and eggs, Lord, it’s hard to carry anymore.”

Cassadi’s husband lost his job during the epidemic and is still looking for work.

Inflation has shown more problems for couples and their five children.

“Even finding a job at a typical restaurant at McDonald’s or anything is really difficult in this area because there are a lot of people out there who need jobs,” he said.

“If you want a good job, you have to go an hour away for a simple job.”

Cassadi’s story is not unique to those who help deliver.

“The need is huge,” said Bill Lycons of the First Presbyterian Church.

“Many people are still suffering. People are always talking about increasing their electricity bills; It’s just something to help supplement, ”Licons said.

Lichens, who grew up nearby, said he too felt hungry as a child.

“It’s really humble.”

Lee Young, who has been a truck driver with Facing Hunger for four years, says the requirements are nothing new for the company.

“It really shouldn’t be that way and it’s unfortunate, and our team is trying to make it easier to face hunger and give these people something to eat,” he said. “In rural West Virginia, it’s really hard to find a job and not everyone is lucky enough to get a job and those who can’t find a job will come here to help and it makes it easier for them not to worry. Today. “

A relief Cassadi said all the differences.

“It means a bit of gas to me, but it’s definitely worth it most of the time because it helps with general needs most of the time.”

Next delivery May 26.

Those interested in volunteering for Facing Hunger can call 304-523-6029.

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