November 26, 2022
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Disneyland Announces Major Upgrades, Including A Pixar Hotel


A number of changes are coming to Downtown Disney, including a makeover at the Paradise Pier Hotel to take on a Pixar theme.

The renovation will include a new rear entrance to the Disney California Adventure directly from the hotel, specifically for hotel guests.

The hotel will not be closed during the Pixar makeover as most of the changes will be cosmetic, including the Luxo Jr., Pixar’s iconic lamp, a huge version of standing on a ball. Luxo Jr. appears at the beginning of each Pixar film and starred in several shorts.

Disneyland Resort President Ken Potrock announced several updates last week, noting that the resort is moving forward after all necessary shutdowns and protocols throughout the coronavirus epidemic.

“This is a really important milestone and another anchor of our continued momentum, really not just for Disneyland, but for Anaheim and Orange County and other relevant business partners,” Patrock said, according to the Orange County Register.

In addition to Luxo Jr., characters and concepts from Hotel Makeover will be included Cocoa, Monsters Inc., Spirit, Wall-e, The Incredibles, Find NemoAnd more

The Paradise Pier Hotel got its name from the Paradise Pier Boardwalk area of ​​downtown Disney, but it was changed to Pixar Pier 4 years ago. There are sections for fans in the area The story of the doll, InvertedAnd other Pixar movies.

The hotel was originally built in 1984, opened as the Pan Pacific Hotel.

Officials are hoping to change the name of the hotel once the rebranding is complete, although Potrock did not disclose what the name might be. Unlike other Pixar-themed hotels in the world – such as New The story of the doll Hotel Anaheim at Disneyland Shanghai will not show a single movie.

Potrock says the renovation is a multi-million dollar project that will affect both the interior and exterior, as well as individual rooms, lobbies, pools and more.

Dining options

The only change announced by Patrock for Downtown Disney is not the Pixar Hotel, but a change in dining options.

The big addition is Din Tai Fung, a high-end Taiwanese chain known for its soup dumplings.

There will also be a new Mexican restaurant run by Carlos Getan, the first Mexican chef to earn a Michelin star. His new restaurant will take the place where Catal and Uva are now

Jazz Kitchen will also get a refinement in its menu.

Other changes

Patroc mentioned some other changes associated with the resort, including the addition of a voice assistant to the “Hey Disney” hotel. With functionality like Alexa, visitors will be able to ask the voice assistant for information about the resort and amusement park.

And speaking of the park, California Adventure’s Avengers campus will soon have a combination of Scarlet Witch and America Chavez. Dr. Strange Movies.

Potrock also said that Disneyland will be hosting the Oggy Boogie Bash Halloween party again this fall.

On the downside, however, Inside the Magic confirms that Mickey’s Tuntown is closed to guests for complete renovations, and Pirates of the Caribbean is closed indefinitely for updates and changes.

No date has been set for the officials to reopen.

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