October 2, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Dallas ISD investigating reports of moldy cafeteria food


“We had some challenges in that area”: ​​Dallas has ordered the removal of some food items from the school following reports of ISD mold muffins and other items.

DALLAS – The Dallas Independent School District has announced that it is removing some food items and is launching an investigation, following reports of students serving molded food on some school campuses.

“The main concern we see is about breakfast,” said parent Randall Bryant. He claims that recently molded meals were served to students at Geneva Heights Elementary, where his daughter goes to school.

Parents and students are sharing pictures on social media showing mold muffins, spoiled fruit and other quality-compromised foods that they claim have been served on some Dallas ISD campuses.

“Last month it was working on pancakes. It was a cast muffin yesterday, ”Bryant explained.

Parents also said they were concerned about the quality of some pre-packaged cereals distributed among students.

“It’s a shame that I have to instruct my child to go through their breakfast and lunch as they look for items made as Halloween candy,” Bryant added.

Mold and food quality issues have been popping up on campuses across Dallas ISD for weeks. In late March 2022, students at Kimball High School in Dallas ISD walked out in protest of food conditions after serving Bologna sandwiches with fried meat.

That same week, administrators at Geneva Heights Elementary across the city sent notices to parents that there was a mold in one of the breakfast items served by staff.

Dallas ISD Trustee Maxi Johnson said, “We have food molds throughout Dallas ISD. He represents District 5.

Johnson said parents, students and some teachers are contacting him about food quality, health and safety.

“It simply came to our notice then. I’ve talked to Dr. Hinojosa, and the other trustees have talked to him about it. You can see that it is still going on. So, there is a problem and it needs to be solved, “Johnson said.

Dallas ISD has issued the following statement:

When our students are in our care they look to us for providing high-quality food options and unfortunately, we had some challenges in that area. This week, Geneva Heights Elementary School is reviewing two separate incidents when concerns were raised about unacceptable food items being served. Both products were immediately pulled from the districtwide cafeteria, and an investigation has been launched to determine further about these claims.

Dallas ISD continues to navigate nationwide supply-chain deficits. Since the onset of the epidemic, we, along with many other large districts, have relied heavily on pre-packaged food to provide uninterrupted food services. We’re working on a complete conversion to offer more powerful hot food menus as we begin inventory inventory.

Understandably, this is not an ideal situation to work through and we appreciate the community’s patience in our efforts to improve.


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