October 3, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Crypto ATM firm GENERAL BYTES launches new model


GENERAL BYTES, a Bitcoin and crypto ATM maker, announced this week the launch of its new model, BATMTwoUltra. This latest machine is loaded with new features as well as offering operators the same features familiar to the BATMTwo series.


BATMTwoUltra comes with the additional option of configuring ATMs for two-way (cash to crypto, crypto to cash) operations.

Another advantage is that the unit no longer needs to be manually assembled during delivery because the head and stand are no longer separate units, the operator saves valuable time when deploying the machine to a new location.

Also, the new BATMTwoUltra offers an optional enhanced recycler system called BNR that will be able to deliver up to 15 bills simultaneously. In addition, the support standard for S&G or Kaba Mas audible locks is a requirement for operators relying on third party armored vehicles for cash collection.

There is also a choice of 600, 1,200, and 1,400 receiving / recycling capabilities so that BATMTwoUltra can serve the busiest locations. There is two-way support when choosing a configuration with a recycler, BNR offers both high speed and security in choosing an extended reuse.

The Recycler module enables distribution of banknotes inserted into BATMTwoUltra by other customers and can recycle up to 180 banknotes. Adding a recycler to the configuration increases the initial cost of BATMTwoUltra, but it also reduces operator visits to ATMs by up to 50%, saving costs in the long run.

The General Bites team is presenting its new BATMTwoUltra at the Bitcoin 2022 conference

“We’ve collected client and end-user feedback over the years and incorporated it into our latest model, BATMTwultra. A workhorse designed to fit perfectly for any position that offers optional two-way activities using the latest in recycler technology. Many Bitcoin 2022 conference participants already had the opportunity to test it live, and they gave us some exciting reviews, but now it’s time to discover this new Bitcoin ATM! ”
– CEO of General Bytes, Vytech Fragal


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