January 29, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Couple’s food truck totaled following collision with alleged distracted driver


Green Bay, Weiss. (WB) – Taco Tone’s food trailer is now parked in a salvage yard and is permanently out of service.

On Tuesday afternoon, the trailer was hit by a teenager who was allegedly texting and driving to Wanida and Hickory Hills.

Taco Tones was a food business on wheels run by Brenna Madrigal and Tony Sweat. They had leased the trailer for the last two years and were only 10,000 10,000 away from owning it

“I saw a man crying for his business. He has worked so hard for everything. I have been helping him for six years. This was his dream. It’s heartbreaking, very heartbreaking, “said Madrid.

They lodged a complaint with the police.

Madrid and Sweat were finishing an event near a school and leaving. They were in their car which collided with the trailer. However, when the trailer hit, it hit the car they were in.

Both were injured. Swett got an injury.

Action 2 News was with Madrid when he went to test the trailer at Salvage Yard. When he opens the door, you can see the mess. There was also a teenager’s car bumper inside which was kept inside after the incident.

Madrid are now telling people to be careful and avoid driving and text because they are now resuming their dreams.

The trailer was insured but it was too early to say how much help they would get.

Madrid and Sweat are considering selling merchandise to help their five children. Their ultimate goal is to buy another trailer.

If you want to help, set up a GoFundMe account for the couple.

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