January 29, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Carnier to continue as president of Germany’s VDR


Christoph Carnier will continue his role as president of the German Travel Management Association VDR.

Carnier, who has been VDR president for three years, will remain in office after a vote at the association’s annual general meeting in Cologne on Tuesday (May 3). Meanwhile, Item Pirner, Datov’s travel manager, has been re-elected as VDR’s vice-president.

“I am very happy for this sign of faith and thank you all very much,” Carnier said after the vote. “The last three years in office have been full of challenges that we have mastered together.

“The association is well positioned for current and future work, and I look forward to working with you and the entire VDR team to address them.”

Carnier, who is Mark Group’s senior director of travel, fleet and events, said he would also continue the strategy of promoting young talent in the industry.

Karina Kestner, who works for DB Vertrieb GmbH, and Michael Cranz, of the Corporate Rates Club, have also been re-elected to the VDR executive committee, while Richard Thompson from the dm-drogerie markt and Olaf Lehmann from the TRUMPF group have joined the committee for the first time. Former committee members Simon Kirchner and Heiko Luft have now resigned.


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