October 2, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Blockchain real estate platform Ubitquity secures investment from 44 Capital Management » CryptoNinjas


Ubitquity, an enterprise blockchain-secured platform for keeping real estate and title records, announced today that it has secured a Reg D as well as investment from New York City-based 44 Capital Management, a multi-strategy venture investing in blockchain technology. .

“The UbitQuity team is developing a product that will sync blockchain technology with real-world utilities that will ultimately provide the public with an advanced, secure, and scalable real estate recording process.”
– Collie O’Brien, General Partner at 44 Capital Management

To ensure a highly secure, digital, and unalterable record of titles and proprietary history for all parties involved, Ubitquity is developing a scaled solution that integrates software platforms to facilitate real estate transactions with cryptocurrencies.

“The staff at UbitQuite and I are very excited and honored to have 44 Capital Management lead us because we have come up with innovative solutions in the global real estate market.”
– Nathan Wasnack, Founder and CEO of UbitQuity LLC


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