January 29, 2023
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Blockchain education protocol Proof of Learn unveils multichain ‘learn-to-earn’ game » CryptoNinjas


Proof of Learn, a blockchain-based learning platform, has unveiled its first project, MetaCrafters, a multichan learning-income game that teaches users to write smart contracts and build on-chains.

Proof of Learn aims to create a platform that makes high-tech education accessible to people around the world – and giving employers transparent access to students’ skill sets.

In learning, students put their learning vocational skills into practice as they progress. In addition, it encourages students to learn by providing cryptocurrency and NFT to master new skills.

The goal of Proof of Learn is to increase the completion rate of the huge open online course, which studies show that between 5-15%, not only encourages completion with learn-to-acquire economic rewards but also provides a strong network community for students.


Proof of Learn is led by co-founders Shila Lirio Marcelo, Kevin Young and Lauren Torno.

Marcelo was the former CEO and Chairwoman of Care.com – an online marketplace for care, serving more than 35 million people in 20 countries, and has grown more than 100% annually since the company went public in 2006. 2014, and then sold to IAC in 2020.

Young is a technology entrepreneur, blockchain developer and Stanford computer science graduate, specializing in crypto and mobile apps, helping to create and scale the leading food distribution app in the Philippines.

Torno also comes from Care.com, where he has led marketing and international expansion; She leads marketing at Brainley, an online learning community.

Evidence of Learn seeks to target students living in emerging economies in the region with access to Southeast Asia, Africa and Latin America – potential and access to Web3 education and job opportunities.

From the employer’s point of view, Proof of Learn will enable companies to access real-time information about student credentials in order to improve the efficiency of employment fairs around the world, with a view to transparency and overall competency.

The Proof of Learn team shared the MetaCrafters teaser trailer on NFTLA which can be seen below:


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