February 2, 2023
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Biogen To Replace Its CEO


The company also says it will release almost all of Aduhelm’s marketing, its Alzheimer’s drug. In other news, the Gates Foundation hopes that Melinda Gates will remain with the company and plans to merge two large healthcare-centric real-estate investment trusts.

STATISTICS: Biogen will replace CEO as it ‘significantly’ hinders spending in Aduhelm

Replacing Biogen CEO Michelle Vonatsos, the company said Tuesday it was ending a five-year term where she presided over her Alzheimer’s treatment, Aduhelm’s catastrophic approval and rollout. The agency added that it was “eliminating” all costs of Aduhelm just 10 months after US approval – a waiver from Struggling Biotech that the drug became a financial liability following Medicare’s decision to restrict patient access and payment. (Feuerstein and Garde, 5/3)

Other Pharmaceutical News –

Statistics: Conflicts over online adrenal prescriptions raise questions about telehealth

Online pharmacy startups promise to make getting medicines you need faster and easier than ever before. But a high-profile series of disasters has raised questions about whether the reality of drug prescriptions conflicts with this promise. In recent weeks, major brick-and-mortar pharmacy chains have stopped filling prescriptions for adrenaline and other regulated stimulants, including Cerebral, an online mental health organization that has been criticized for its prescription practice and its online advertising. An easy way to treat ADHD. On Monday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Trupil – Cerebral’s “preferred pharmacy partner” who completes online orders for medications prescribed by cerebral palsy – would also stop fulfilling these stimulant prescriptions out of “abundance of caution”. (Rabindranath, 5/4)

Forbes: Health plans brace for special drugs 50% of prescription costs

From Alzheimer’s treatment to new drugs for cancer, more expensive specialty drugs are hitting the U.S. market, with prescription operators and their claims bracing to focus more on these expensive drugs. Health planners and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) who manage drug costs say at this year’s Assembia Specialty Pharmacy Summit in Las Vegas that specific drugs now account for 50% or more of their total prescription costs. In some cases, employer clients account for 60% or more of their total drug costs. (Japsen, 5/3)

Reuters: Bayer wins US priority review of drugs against metastatic prostate cancer

Bayer’s (BAYGn.DE) Nubeqa Drug has won priority review status from the US Food and Drug Administration, as the German drugmaker seeks to expand the use of prostate cancer drugs from early disease stage to metastatic. The US regulator Bayer’s adoption of a complementary new drug application (sNDA) for the use of Nubeka, developed jointly with the Finnish drug manufacturer Orion (ORNBV.HE) against metastatic hormone-sensitive prostate cancer, was given priority, Bayer said in a statement on Tuesday. (5/4)

Industry Financial and Corporate Matters –

Statistics: Melinda Gates, CEO of Gates Foundation expects vice president

When the founders announced their divorce a year ago in the widest public comment about the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation stewardship, the chief executive of Philanthropy said there was now “zero expectation” for Melinda French Gates to resign as vice president. For two years they both agreed if the partnership didn’t work. CEO Mark Suzman told STAT that even after working through “personal belongings”, Bill Gates and Melinda remain “deeply, passionately committed” to the French Gates Foundation, often attending virtual meetings together. He said he heard from them “often more than once a day” from epidemic responses to microbiome research to malaria control. (Burke, 5/3)

Bloomberg: Aspen Talks Could Close Covid Vaccine Line Weekly

Aspen Pharmacare Holdings Limited’s order for the Covid-19 vaccine requires a clear commitment from the African government within a few weeks or will re-recommend that production line for more demanding anesthetics. According to Stavros Nicolau, head of strategic commerce, the continent’s largest pharmaceutical maker has been frustrated by the lack of interest in locally made versions of Johnson & Johnson’s Dose shots. (Someone, 5/3)

The Wall Street Journal: Welltower Healthcare Real Made All Cash Offers for the Trust

Welltower Inc., a large healthcare-centric real-estate investment trust, has bid nearly $ 5 billion all-cash for Healthcare Realty Trust Inc. Matter. Weltower has remained interested after rejecting his bid and plans to tell Healthcare Real this week, people said. (Lombardo, 5/3)

The Boston Globe: Haywood Hospital Talks to Join UMass Memorial Health

Haywood Hospital is looking to join the UMass Memorial Health System, a move that will bring the two-hospital organization into the growing Worcester-based healthcare system. The two health systems have signed a letter of intent to conduct due diligence for an agreement, a process that groups say could take up to a year. If the pair signed a specific agreement, the agreement would require a Health Policy Commission review. (Bartlett, 5/3)

Wall Street Journal: Sales of Pfizer increase in sales of Covid-19 vaccine

Pfizer Inc. It hopes that demand for its Covid-19 antiviral drugs will increase as governments return to replenish their supply and seek to stem the tide as the epidemic virus develops. A pill called Paxlovid sold জ 1.5 billion in Pfizer’s first quarter, with a total of .2 13.2 billion in vaccines, reflecting the need for tools to fight the virus despite the slowness of the case and the growing sense of life. Normal (Hopkins and Seal, 5/3)

Crane’s Detroit business: United Physicians form a joint venture with Agilon Health

United Physicians Inc. Its 37,000 Medicare Advantage has partnered with Agilon Health, a Texas-based service provider, to increase outcomes and profit margins for the care of patients. Under the agreement, Agilen will keep money in escrow for Medicare Advantage patients at United so that providers can enter into agreements under Medicare that link their payments to results and costs, a practice known as full-risk, value-based care. (Walsh, 5/3)

Modern Healthcare: Banner Health Atlas invests in healthcare partners

Banner Health Ambulatory Surgical Center developer is investing in Atlas Healthcare Partners, the companies announced Tuesday. The agreement builds on a four-year banner surgery center collaboration between two Phoenix-based companies and will enable Banner Health to double the number of ambulatory surgical centers in its nonprofit system by 2025, a press release said. . The partners did not disclose the financial terms. (Abram, 5/3)

Also –

Modern Healthcare: How to bring a language interpreter for a telehealth visit

Telehealth has improved access to care for many patients, making it easier to reach a doctor at home or on the go কিন্তু but it is also creating new challenges for others. More than 5 million U.S. households, or 4%, speak limited English, according to recent U.S. census estimates. Patients who do not speak English or who have limited English skills may face challenges while receiving care through telehealth despite federal protection. (Kim Cohen, 5/3)

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