October 5, 2022
Chicago 12, Melborne City, USA

Bill Gates says Elon Musk’s approach to misinformation could make Twitter worse


Bill Gates has said that he is not sure about Elon Musk’s intentions in buying Twitter Inc. TWTR.
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And social media must play a role in preventing the spread of misinformation.

Speaking at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council Summit on Wednesday, Gates said of the potential impact of the mask on the Gates platform, “he could actually make it worse.” However, he said, “This is not his track record.”

“How does he feel about something that says the vaccine kills people or that Bill Gates is tracking people?” Gates added, “It’s not clear what he’s going to do.”

In a recent tweet, Musk confirmed that he had confronted Gates about shortening Tesla Inc. On Twitter, Gates contacted his fellow billionaire to discuss philanthropy on climate change, but Musk asked if Gates still had a $ 500 million short position on the Tesla TSLA.
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Gates responded by saying he did not stop, with Musk saying he would not take Gates’ philanthropist seriously if he downplayed the electric-car maker.

Gates did not directly answer a question about whether he had personally downplayed Tesla, saying climate change was the focus of the Gates Foundation. Gates said, “I don’t think Tesla is a statement about your importance to short or long term climate change. “I appreciate Tesla’s role in helping climate change.”

He added: “I have nothing positive to say about Elon. If he makes Twitter worse, well, I’ll talk about it, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. “

An extended version of this report will appear on WSJ.com.

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